OneMonth with the OnePlus - almost

Okay, I'm calling it.  I'm sorry, I tried.  Now, don't let the fact that I'm ending this experiment early mean that I wouldn't recommend the OnePlus.  Not at all.  I really like the phone and its ecosystem, and I'll get into that all in a bit.   But, essentially, I use my phone in a particular way, and because of this particularity, having one thing out means that it's very frustrating to me.   It's more of a reflection of me, than of the phone. Think this will be a long post (it will be), and don't want to read to the end... fine, here's the Coles Notes: Awesome battery, good display, great performance-wise Poor network connection (primarily GPS for tracking activities) And that's it.  What will be a probably long and in-depth article (debating if I want to truncate this into a few to separate out the phone / watch / tablet... but let's be honest, we tend to really use the phone and the others are ancilla

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