[Review] Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 - is flip better than fold?

So I've reviewed a couple different foldable phones in the past, but they have been 'fold' types, meaning the screen bends horizontally, like a book.  But, for us older folks out there, we remember our 'folding' phones as being 'flips', meaning it opens up vertically - like a clam. I had wondered which would be better for my use.  One of my first phones, and I'll even say first, was a Motorola StarTAC, way back when.  I had another phone for a week when the phone hit our shelves and I pleaded with the boss to let me swap out this phone I had used for just a week to go to THE flip phone.  It was pretty cool back and the ay and this new one I'm reviewing today brought back all sorts of nostalgia. So, today I'm giving you my thoughts I've developed on using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 after a bit.   The phone is a decently priced $1299.99CDN, which is not bad for a 'flagship'.   What do you get for the price point: 6.7" @ 2640x1080 +

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