Far Cry New Dawn on Stadia is a gorgeous post apocalytpic Far Cry 5

So I've been playing Far Cry 5 , and I've liked that game so far.  I like how I can adjust and customize my weapons.  6 tended to be too much 'hockey stick and duct tape' kind of building for weapons, 5 was realistic. I started to play Far Cry New Dawn on Stadia and it takes place seemingly in between 5 and 6 (not sure if 6 is in the chronological order), as it definitely takes place after the 5 where there's a nuclear explosion and as it turns out, the people from that county/region survived by going underground and are now just coming out to see a post apocalypse world. Took me to realize it was the same places with the names of families you'd recognize, and even some of the bunkers I had just escaped from in 5 I just perused in New Dawn. Neat. I haven't finished 5 yet to know what happens, but there's hints enough... New Eden is around, but they don't call 'em Peggies (except for flashbacks). Take a look

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