Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review - an Ultra phone

I remember... what feels like eons ago when Android came on the market and I went out and got my Magic and I had some issues with it after a while and Rogers offered to upgrade me to the Samsung Galaxy S.  I didn't know what it was but it looked miles above anything else that was on the market at the time so I hopped on it quick. Samsung's really ridden that feeling of being the 'ultimate' phone out there for years.  When the Note line came out and not only did it have a novelty pen, it was actually useless and the phone was pure beast mode. Fast forward to present day and the 'beast mode' phone is still a Samsung Galaxy - and it's the S23 Ultra. Samsung doesn't skimp on getting the best of everything and cramming into a phone to be that pinnacle. What do I think?  Well, if you want to watch the video it's below and below that is my breakdown of what I found interesting on it.   Here's the specs on the Ultra:

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