YouTube Create (beta) launches in Canada

So, yeah, my 'videos' aren't that great.  I want to say that they're 'low quality' as they reflect the truism of who I am, and is representative that I'm not an 'elite' and part of the everyperson out there. But, mostly, it's 'cuz I'm lazy.  I tried to do video editing, and my perfectionism when it comes to a project will have me editing, scripting, re-recording again and again and ultimately just not get me to post.  I've opted to just live with imperfectionism by absolutely no editing... yeah, that's the ticket.  It's too cumbersome, so I don't bother. All that may have to change as Google has just released their beta app of YouTube Create now in Canada.  The app lets you take your videos you've recorded and gives you a very simple interface to cut, trim, add text, add voiceover, have music, etc... right from your device.   No more having to copy the file over, or any complicated mumbo jumbo and work on your compute

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