TCL provides value with the 40 XE 5G

Often when running this hobby here of mine of reviewing devices and accessories, I tend to get wrapped up in being surrounded by sometimes the 'best of the best', and you get caught up in that chase for 'everything'. For the most part this blog tends to be followed by folks like me who are wanting the most amazing experience and pushing every last MHz out there as we use these devices a LOT. But, I have to remember that people like me, and probably people like you reading this, are probably the minority.   For the majority, most people are just using their devices in a basic sense.  I'm always amazed when I meet people who didn't know their phone could do this, or could do that.  They aren't pushing their device to the maximum, so getting something that's not 'top end', is unrecognizable from a top end one. The upside of the less than top end model is that you're really going to save you some cash.  For someone

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