Nanotips - an alternative to buying specialized touch gloves

There's no mistaking it... it's winter out there.  My hour long lunch break walks are becoming quick jaunts in and out of the cold.  See, I normally play Ingress on those breaks, but it's getting too cold for that.

Plus, I have a terrible time with those touch screen gloves.  The Glider Gloves are great, but they need to be kept up and washed or something... as every season I take my latest pair out of storage and they no longer work.  Even new pairs (I got a free pair from Rogers at the AndroidTO event) stop working for me after a while.  I don't know what it is.

And most pairs of touch screen gloves are just THIN.  Definitely not something I want to keep my fingers in in any cooler weather (and it's only just starting for us here).  I end up buying a pair of touch gloves and then a pair of those cut away tips with the fold for a mitton and putting them over my touch gloves and only exposing one finger at a time.  Then that one finger gets cold, or for some reason the touch sensitivity disappears (maybe it's a cold thing, do screens get worse as they get colder?) ... it's just a hassle.  Ingressing will have to be done from a car for the next few months.

(I don't know if you can see how it's still red)

And then I watched my favourite show the other day.  It's probably your favourite show as well... Dragon's Den.  Specifically it was the student edition where a kid came up with 'nanotips'.

Nanotips is essentially a liquid you paint on any pair of gloves and it turns that into a touch point.  How smart is that?!?!?!  Take ANY glove... your warmest pair, and make it touch screen friendly!  For $20 I'm going to order a bottle and see how it goes. (apparently 1 bottle can be used for up to 30 applications - which is good as apparently they can fade anywhere from several weeks to a few months, so for a Northwestern Ontario winter length I'll need a couple applications.).

It comes in either black (for leather or rubbers) or blue (for fabrics).

Apparently it's also available at MEC, if you have one near you (lucky you).

If you go to the site now (and it's the first time you've been there) you can get 10% off.

#AppColiseum #97 winner is....

So, we didn't have a show last night (did you notice?) ... as such we didn't get a chance to tell you who won from last week's #AppColiseum.

Well... let's take a look again at who chose what:

The Trip


new lollipop easter egg

Floatify Notification

So... who won?

[Poll] Are you using inbox? How are you finding it?

So, Inbox has been out now for a couple of weeks.  That's plenty of time for those that have been using it to formulate an opinion... or those who aren't to get slaveringly jealous of those who are (invite systems really breeds envy).

Personally, I've had it for a while, and I'm not 100% sold... maybe I'm just too used to 'email' in the traditional sense.  I'm one of those that constantly checks my junk mail anyways...  I guess I still need to train myself on the system.

But I was curious to see how you had found it. If you needed an invite, let us know. Install the app here:

Get it on Google Play

Sony Z3 Tablet Compact coming to Canada on Friday! [Nov 21 2014]

If the new Nexus 9 or even the Nokia N1 doesn't turn your crank and you want another medium sized tablet alternative, well the Z3 Tablet Compact from Sony can fill that need, AND it's water resistant!

It's Sony's first foray into the medium tablets and it's destined to be a hit, if judging by the popularity amongst our own group here; Tom, Cass and Mark have all switched over to Sony.

So what's this tablet provide?

  • 8" @ 1920x1200
  • 2.5GHz x4 Snapdragon 801
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB storage + microSD
  • 8MP / 2MP
  • IP 65/68
  • $529

$529 might seem like a bit of a steep price, but again, let's see it, it's 32GB storage (which isn't common in tablets it seems) and it's WATER RESISTANT.  That's a huge feature.  Sure, it's not QHD, but for 8" it's just fine.

And like most of the Z line now it will also act as a screen for your PS4 as long as you're within WIFI range of it.

It also supports the new Hi-Res audio feature that they're starting to tout on their new headphones (I wonder what kind of media you'd need to be able to really show it off).

Not a bad little tablet, and it'll be available starting Friday, just in time for your holiday shopping!

Magzter is offering you free magazines for the month of November

Not many days left on this deal, but Magzter is trying to be an alternative to the Play Store, with a wide range of magazines.

Now they're hoping to sway you Android users by offering their entire library free of charge for the month of November.

Free stuff is awesome.

So, Magzter, the largest and fastest-growing digital magazine store and newsstand in the world, with more than 22 million users globally, is offering all 4,500 of its publications for free in the month of Novemberexclusive to Android users. Just click here to download the app and start reading.

Magzter offers top-tier magazines like Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Elle, ESPN, Maxim, Fast Company, Forbes, The Atlantic, and more. And, for the next weeks, you can read any/all issues for free.

Not bad...  Got any magazines you'd like to read on the go?  Free is always a good price!

Get it on Google Play

Google Play getting the Nexus 6 tomorrow? [Nov 18th]

We just heard how Rogers was opening up pre-orders for the Nexus 6, and it looks like the Play Store didn't want to be left out of the fun (I mean they, if anybody, should be selling the phone first).

Well, +MobileSyrup is reporting that on November 18th the Play Store opens up its pre-order as well.

Now, I don't recall the Play Store ever having pre-orders before, rather you were able to purchase, and it just might be 2-3 weeks before it'd be shipped out (just like Nexus Player, which is due to arrive tomorrow!!).

There might be something to it as the Play Store is a little decked out holiday style and usually they don't change much until something's READY.

The phone will be available in blue or white, in either 32GB ($749) or 64GB ($799).  And don't forget that ordering the phone will also net you 6 months free Play Music All Access.  Not bad.

For a list of the specs and how it compares to other flagships of the day, don't forget to look at our database page!


Motorola X 2014 review

I've held in my estimation that the Moto X was really the most underrated device for a while.  It only really started to sell well at the store when it went down in price, or when it was allowed on non-smartphone plans (I long debated telling someone who wanted to get a flip phone, to get the X, and then I'd just buy a flip phone and swap them).

Anyhow, the Moto X at the time was really great, but under-hyped.  This year's edition has taken some time to make it to the Canadian shores, but it's here, and it's upped some of the features from the previous (if you ever wanted to see the comparison of flagship devices, don't forget to visit our database page).  So how does it stack up?

I've given it a go for about a week now and I love it.  It's come up shy against my G3, but if I didn't have that, I would really recommend this new X.  It's exactly what I like... near Nexus enough, simple and powerful!

Let's dive in to the review

Get in line for the Nexus 6 at Rogers!

from +MobileSyrup 
The Nexus 6, love it or think you'll give it a pass, it's still generating a lot of interest, from a lot of people.  It's definitely unique.

Rogers has announced that the pre-registration is up for the Nexus 6, but I can't see it yet myself (I'm not a Rogers customer).

But take a look at their reservation page and see if you can get in line for the next Nexus!

Our friend +Sivan Rehan has been looking for this device for a while (even pestering the poor Rogers folks at their booth at AndroidTO to spill the beans) and she says to look over this link:


Moto 360 review

So way way back when Android Wear was officially announced and we only really had 2 to talk about and purchase, we asked you what one you liked...  overwhelmingly you chose the 3rd option, the one that wasn't announced as of yet, the Moto 360.  The first round watch and everybody was crazy for it.

Well, it's here, it's had a rocky start; especially in Canada, but it's here, it's on my wrist and let me give you my thoughts!

So what do you get with the phone.  It's round, pretty much that's all you need to know about the device, right?

What are your best Android vs. iPhone combacks?

Okay, so slowly but surely the whole iOS vs. Android debate is quieting out ... I don't know what to quite attribute that to.  But it's nice not having to have the arguments, like we used to.

But talking today with +Mark Lastiwka and he shared with me an article from CNN on pitting several features of phones and saw which won where.

I found most of it laughable (both where iOS and Android won)...  I have some 'comebacks' easily at hand.  But I want to find out what you thought about these points and what were your comebacks?

So here's the article:

Look it over - it breaks it down by these points:

  1. Login
  2. Making a call
  3. Checking the time
  4. Taking a photo/video
  5. Typing
  6. Using apps
  7. Notifications
  8. Music
  9. Checking email
  10. Getting directions
  11. Contacts
  12. Search
  13. Setting to silence
  14. Talking to phone
  15. Using flashlight
Which do you think won each?  (too long and don't want to read I'll put the answers below).