HTC 10 review - it's almost a real 10

So, it's flagship season. Lots of new devices out and it's time for us to play around and I always have a soft spot in my heart for HTC.  It sure has come a long way!

So the new HTC flagship is called just the "10" now.  The previous was the One (M9) so I get the '10', but it no longer has a letter designation or a "One" moniker.  The One A9 is how it looks (the One M series had the dual front facing speakers), but it's got the guts of the full on flagship!

Sony's Xperia X for Canada - What to expect

With the release of the Sony Xperia X line slated for this summer, there's a lot to talk about. Android Coliseum got a chance to speak with Sony today in regards to what's being provided on the forefront of the Sony Mobile line in Canada.

Now that we have Podcasts for Google Play Music - what do you recommend

Last week I asked you about Kodi, and some interesting results there.  But today I want to find out about your podcasting habits.

Personally, I've never really given it a full on go... I tried, I used to subscribe to a lot of CBC programming, but it was pretty easy to fall behind and miss out and then who really has an hour r 2 at a time to sit down and listen (like TV shows, I can't just have them on in the background, they need my full attention).

But, maybe I'm missing out on a lot here... lots of folks I know talk about it as the thing they listen to on their phone.  Especially for running (again I'd try, but I find I can't focus as well while jogging - I need to be mindless while trying to move my fat around my leg muscles!).

So, what are your podcasts that you listen to?  What should I not be missing out on?  Sound off in  the comments so we can all see!

Comparing SoundHound to Google Ears (sound search)

For a while there, as a Canadian user of Google options, we were left out of some of the features.  The other day I showed you how it can work now.  And it's pretty cool.

But how does it stack up to another similar service, like my tried and true SoundHound?

Well, I tried a few songs ... here let me show you:
(sorry, tried to do it as a screen capture video, but every time I did it would disable the sound search feature)

Well, Google Now and SoundHound found the same answers, but Google Now had the speed advantage.  Very interesting.

In the end I still choose to use SoundHound because of the added bonus features of lyrics and my saved search history.

Which do you choose?

[sponsored post]Onda V919 is a dual booting tablet for $140USD

I've not been a fan of the big tablets.  I used my Asus Transformer at 10" and it was a little unwieldly, the 8" size was about the right size for me.

And then there was the Nexus 9.  Aside from larger tablets, I wasn't a fan of the square size, but it seems to be popular... all those iTablets are that ratio and even a few more Android ones.  But, really, using a tablet has fallen away for me because my phone does all I need it to do.  What it can't do I can easily go and grab my computer for.

But, what if my device could do both?  These dual booting devices are popping up more and more.

The other day I was shown a very cheap option, and then today Everbuying is showcasing to me the Onda V919.

Now, not as cheap as the other one they suggested, but at $140USD it comes with a fair bit:

  • 9.7" 2048x1536
  • Intel Z3735F 1.83GHz x4
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB storage + microSD
  • 7200mAh
  • 2MP/2MP
  • Android 4.4 / Windows 10

You can tell this is aimed squarely at the iPad users as a viable alternative... same size and resolution as your iPad but it can do not only a lot more because it's on Android, but can do Windows as well.. 

I'm drooling over the battery.  7200mAh ... that's a lot of Pokemon time for my son.  Heck, hook that up with a bit of a stand, give him a controller and it's a new console for him.

I'm curious tho', with a dual booting system, how much of that 32GB is left over?

Have you tried a dual boot tablet?  Worth it?  The price is just about in that 'eh, why not' range... but not quite.

Starbucks makes a smashing debut in the keyboard emoji business

We all know what Starbucks stands for? Coffees, laté, the works, right? Who would have thought that Starbucks would release an emoji keyboard riddled with fun characters to spruce up your conversation?

Well, not me, this was an interesting news bit while scrolling through my streams. Whether I was on Google+, Facebook or Twitter, it seems to be the trending thing.

If you're interested in taking a quick whirl of this new application from Starbucks, you'll be able to find the Play store link below as well some screen capture of this fantastic idea?

Click on the images to see a larger version.

USB-A 3.0 to USB-C from iOrange-E is now available in Canada!

Looking for a USB-A to C cable with a high transfer rate and the ability to charge your device at higher speeds? Being that it's a legacy cable, the maximum you'll get out of it is 2.4A. +iOrange-E Official since it's launch on 2 weeks ago initially provided the USB-A 2.0 to USB-C and now comes the next step in their Canadian market expansion!

Kingyou Sport Bluetooth Headphones is making waves!

Up until a week ago I had no idea what the brand KingYou was. That is until I hooked up a pair of their Bluetooth headset. I decided to test them out as the company offered me a free unit to see how I'd like them.

Consider that I've had the pleasure of working with DegaussLabs, Plantronics, Anker, Jabra and others, adding another brand is part of what I do for our fun times with our Android smartphone. Points to retain when I'm using a new headset; Quality of the lows, the highs, the mid tones and the overall sound equilibrium. I have no particular taste or affiliation from one brand to another, it will all depend on how they sound when I plug them in for the first time. It is said that "first impression" is a really powerful thing.

Patec's Android TV Box might be just what you need [review]

So for a while now I've loved my Nexus Player, my Chromecasts and my Roku 3.  But more and more I've kept hearing about using Kodi ... but to do that I'd like to have a dedicated device just for that.  Patec offered to send me their Emish Quadcore box for me to test out.

Chrooma Keyboard is now free and it's a success by all accounts

Everyone is all hyped up that Chrooma Keyboard went all free and crazy in the last few days, but what you may not know is how fabulous it is.

While talking to +Andrea Lui about Chrooma, he wanted me to make sure to highlights key points. The adaptive coloring of the keyboard is something new in the scene. We're all use to themes, but not quite in this way. The adaptive colors of the keyboard can be base on the apps you use, day, time, sensor and more. This allows anyone to apply a special touch of something thus making the keyboard more tuned to your flavor.

Making use of the Google keyboard model, Chrooma brings you quite a bit of flair.