Nexus Player Initial Thoughts

Dean was almost more excited than me
I gotta say, I was really excited for the Nexus Player.  My son and I love playing games on the phone and tablet, and he's been really bugging me to get an Xbox; I figured this would be a nice compromise.

Plus, my Google TV was starting to show its age, so I was hoping to retire it and get something new.

That was my mistake was those 2 expectations.  Sure, I had read all the reviews... I should know what to expect; yet, like when I had the Smart Watch, and went to Android Wear.  Just because I had something old, I expected similar behaviour in the new improved.

Bluetooth accessory to Android Wear, Google TV to Android TV.  They're almost 2 different worlds.

So, let me tell you how it fell short of my expectations before I tell you how much I love it.

Nexus 6 now available at Rogers, Bell, Videotron

The day is here for us Canadians.  It looks as though Rogers, Bell and Videotron have stock of the Nexus 6, however small stock that might be.

This comes according to +MobileSyrup which also points out that although it is heading to Videotron, yet Telus has delayed the launch due to a French bug in Lollipop.

Each carrier seems to have it only in 32GB, which means that it's going to be either $750 outright or $300 on a 2 year plan.

Are you thinking about it?

Want to see how the specs stack up against the rest of the devices out there?  We have a device database with costs, as well as a flagship comparer on our database page.

Sources: Rogers, Bell, Videotron and Telus via

TYLT has 50% off most items for their Black Friday deals

+TYLT has some really wicked stuff.  Both Martin and I have covered several of their accessories in the past and loved how well built they are.

Not to be left out of the mass marketing of the behemoth that Black Friday is, they're having a 50% off all items in stock.

Now 50% is a deal.  I need a new car charger, and a few good charging cables too.  Heck for that price maybe a battery pack as well.

Here's the email I received from their team:

I wanted to let you know that TYLT will be offering 50% ALL products in stock at from Friday 11/28 through Monday 12/1 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This is an amazing deal for holiday shoppers and includes popular items like the Energi+ Backpack (normally $200 / now $100), Energi Sliding Power Case (normally $100 / now $50) and TUNZ Bluetooth Speaker (normally $150 / now $75).

To make the deal even better, TYLT is offering free shipping to all customers in the continental United States via USPS first-class mail. Simply enter promo code ‘CYBER2014’ at checkout.

So we don't get the free shipping, but still some great deals.

Go check out the deals on Friday throughout the weekend.

Happy shopping!

OnePlus has an interesting way to handle Black Friday deals

Of course OnePlus has to do things a little differently.  I mean they are trying to build more awareness about themselves, so they continually have odd marketing campaigns.

Black Friday is just a huge thing lately, even though it's because Friday is a day off after Thanksgiving in the US and stores will offer big deals, it's crept its way into Canada as well... it's a huge marketing opportunity that OnePlus couldn't turn down to take part in.

But, instead of just giving a deal they're going to do it a little bit differently

Their plan is that they're going to have some accessories on sale, and in order to determine what price to sell it at you'll have to share it on Facebook to help set the amount of discount it'll have.

Cyanogen has a theme contest for you

In launching their new Theme Store +Cyanogen Inc.  has announced a contest for those who want to submit their themes to their store.

Winners will receive a prize pack comprised of Cyanogen branded gear and a device of their choice (from two device options) to be announced with the winners in December.

If you're interested in winning you should check out the full details at

Good luck!


Hangout Show #98 [event]

We're hanging out virtually to talk about the news of the week and show off some apps for you to try out.

We missed out last week's show, so we need to get these opinions off of our chest!

Hope to see you there!

Show #98
November 26, 2015
Event link:

Focus free version drops ads!

Now, when the price difference is only a buck, I normally say "just get the paid version", but the Focus app we reviewed which is developed by friend +Mike Wallace, has now updated and the free version now is ad free!

However, you do get better features, like video playback changing the "Return to owner immediately" text, Android Wear Notifications.

Mike's a great guy and is always loving any feedback you'd have on the app, and has some new features planned for the paid like using it for web pages and making use of the Lollipop screen pinning.

So go ahead and pay the $1 for the full version!

Free -
Paid -

Ingress Mission Creator Tool now available

So it looks like there's going to be some new fun in the Ingress world as it looks like the Mission Creator tool is available to any verified L9 agents.

Visit the Creation tool and you can start editing a mission.  Remember they're going to review this before it goes live, so check the guidelines.

Check them out

Now this can be fun!  The trickest part is going to be coming up with a logo.


TouchWiz to get Theme Store?

So on a day where we're hearing about Cyanogen's new upcoming theme store and a few of us at Android Coliseum were making fun of the newer TouchWiz... give the internet a few moments and +Ben Schoon over at +iTechTriad and he's showcasing Samsung's new Theme store.

Close up on the photo and you can see some themes with names like "Samsung Base", "Natural", "Handicraft", "Classic", and "Sweet"

It might help it look differently.  That's what makes Android so awesome.  You can change it as you want.  And Samsung's been big on including their own add-ons, saving you from having to download 3dr party solutions.

Source:  SamMobile via

Nexus 6 to be $299 on contract, available November 26th in Canada

+MobileSyrup just got some friendly tip off that Rogers and Bell will be available to be picked up on November 26th (just a couple more days).  Price will set you back the $750 for the 32GB, but if you can get a new plan it'll be $300.

Are you interested in this device?

I've gone an updated our database for prices, which you can find on our database page under "Canadian Android Devices" - it'll show you the cost of any phone on any carrier on the 2nd tab.