Is your Galaxy S4 getting Lollipop now?

Now, my wife has gone on a bit of a trip right now, so I can't check her phone, but it looks like the S4 is getting the 5.0.1 update.

So, if you haven't done so already, go ahead and mash that 'check for update' button now.

Now, will it go as far back as the Note 8, Note 2 devices?  There were some early rumours that even the S3 could as well.

Are you getting the update?


More details on the LG G4 [display teaser]

[updated:  removing the info on the wallpaper as it looks to be from a paid app and whether from the actual G4 is in dispute]

April 28th is coming closer and closer.

Which means we're closer to finding out who's right and wrong when it comes to seeing what this LG G4 is really made of.

Without getting into the 'rumours', a couple things have definitely intrigued me: wallpapers and a teaser video.

On G+ +TURKBEY 06 has posted some of the LG G4 wallpapers (see his post below).  Nothing exciting, but definitely going to be showing off the vibrancy (something I notice that IPS don't do as well as AMOLED).

The teaser video came out a little while ago.  Really shows off what hopes to be a real nice improvement over last year's model's display.  Although it is QuadHD, it really isn't as vibrant as others (personally I don't mind, I think it's more realistic).

It also shows off the leather backing quite prominently, even with the sound of the singing of the brand.  Which they teased on their facebook page

Always have authentic luxury in hand.The brand new LG G4 with vegetable-tanned leather cover.See the great, feel the great.#LG #LGG4 #G4
Posted by LG Mobile on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chance to win an Oppo Find 7 - OppoStyle contest for US&Canada customers.

It's not often that a contest is offered to Canadians. OppoStyle, the official seller of Oppo Phones is showing us Canadians some love with a contest for customers from the US & Canada. The Find 7 and 7a have been on sale for the last few weeks at a great price (US $499 for the Find 7 and US $399 for the Find 7a with extra free accessories). Is this a sign that the Find 9 might be coming soon? Probably. Now you also have a chance to win a Find 7 or discount vouchers for the Find 7/7a. 

You probably know by now that I am a big Oppo Fan. I own the Find 7 and N3 and highly recommend either one of them. Although I love the N3 with the rotating camera, I still miss using the Find7 with it's sleek design, QuadHD screen and removable battery. 

The Find 7 launched last summer and got great reviews. The premium specs of the Find 7 are still competitive with other flagship phones: 5.5 inch QuadHD screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad-core processor, 3 GB RAM, removable 3000 mAh Li-Po battery with VOOC Flash Charge, 13-megapixel camera, 4K Video Support, 32 GB of storage and a MicroSD card slot.

The Find 7a has the same design with slightly lower specs: 2 GB of RAM, 2800 mAh Li-Po battery, Full HD screen and 16GB of storage.

OppoStyle wants to grow their social media following and as a result we benefit from a contest. They are running a contest on Facebook and you get a chance to win one of the following prizes:
  • 1x Find 7
  • 50x $100 off Find 7a vouchers
  • 100x $50 off Find 7 and Find 7a vouchers

Simply click here to enter. Good luck!

From OppoStyle's Facebook page:
Dear our customers who lives in the US & Canada. We have a good news for you today :)It’s Contest Time! 1x Find 7....
Posted by on Friday, April 17, 2015

Source: OppoStyle

When the weather is the talk, Amber Weather Widget should be at the forefront!

Now that spring has finally pushed through, maybe it's that time where we need to take a good look at the weather app we're using.

Amber Weather Widget has been a constant forefront runner with the might of such other app like; Beautiful Widget, HD Widget, 1Weather etc.

Why not try something that's different? With Lollipop and material design it just makes a great deal of sense to go with something that follows suit.

Hangout Show #110 [video]

Great show again last night with lots of lively discussion... and left us with a few unanswered questions:  will +Sylvain Le Bourhis install CM12S?  ... has +Tom Gray lost his mind?  How can I win the HTC One M9?

Oh, you didn't hear?  Yup, we're giving one away.  Watch the show to find out more info!

We only went a minute over the time limit this week.

DEAL - Buy one, get one free Nanotips

I know it's not really glove wearing season any more, but ... while you're putting those gloves away in storage, consider giving them a treatment - or have a bottle or 2 ready for next winter.

I bought one of each at the beginning of the winter and I've had to reapply now and again, but haven't nearly used half of either bottle yet.

Still would be nice to have spares.  Remember one bottle is for 'fabrics' the other for leathers... with buy one, get one; why not get both?

To take advantage use the code APR50 for your discount.

Heck, it's a Canadian company, I love supporting those!


APUS Launcher - Fast, small, reliable and slick!

APUS has fashioned an entire mobile user experience ecosystem (which they've coined the “user system”) that’s as fluid and intuitive as iOS, but unique to Android. They've paid attention to the tiniest details to ensure a cohesive UX.

This launcher is less than 1 year old and is one of the fastest growing app right now. Just 120 million downloads in 10 months!

APUS Launcher is compatible with Android Lollipop Material Design standards. Also, the philosophy is based around designing a UX for humans and NOT for Android devices which brings me to the human like touch in the design aspect that I've seen over at DroidCon Montreal.

If you check out our in-app "Boost" function, it's an animation that "sucks in" all of our apps on the screen (which indicates to users visually that their apps have been sped up).

"By building out proprietary essential services (apps) within APUS Launcher from scratch, rather than relying on the OS‟s existing apps, APUS is able to control the user experience and the way users interact with a device‟s interface – in this case the APUS User System. Unlike most Android launchers and Android operating systems, APUS Launcher is designed for users to painlessly navigate APUS‟ essential, yet enhanced system features. For instance, APUS Launcher‟s global search feature, which can be easily accessed directly from the homescreen, not only searches the device for apps and in-device information, but it also enables users to browse the web to discover news and new trends."

Google Play Store

Aviary vs. Snapseed - both have nice recent updates to make great edits to your photos

Editing photos... it's often something that's pretty necessary for the way we take often hastily take our photos with our phone.

And I don't just mean adding some 'valencia' filter for your instagram account.   I mean really editing the photo, doing some cropping, some highlighting, sharpening, levels adjustment etc...

2 apps recently have had a really big overhaul in terms of their UI:  Snapseed & Aviary.

I've put up a post on Google+ about which editor you prefer:

Personally I'm really torn between the 2 for my go to editor.  Photoshop is a little over the top for normal usage, but it does serve a need.  I should really re-do my article from a couple years ago on photo editing on Android.

So, both Snapseed and Aviary have added in material design (more so in Snapseed, them being owned by Google and all).  I'm finding the edge is with Snapseed.

What do you think?  Some sample shots below of how the new updates look

DroidCon Montreal - Some final thoughts

While talking with the organizers of the event, it was concluded that DroidCon Montreal was an awesome success for its first time. Attendees and presenters all had good things to say about the event!

The attendance was a bit over the 350 mark, definitely not a bad thing for its first time. Plenty of information, people and mostly a community that gets together to talk about all things Android has to offer.

I'm hoping that we will be able to attend next year DroidCon Montreal!

Source: DroidCon

LG's new Music Flow will work with Google's new Google Cast

Back in February when Google talked about Google Cast (the new and improved 'chromecast' where you can now start casting many things to many other things) there were some speakers shown off that will work with the new format.

Today, LG made their announcement about their new line up of "Flow" speakers that will work with Google Cast.

Currently US only at the moment (hopefully that changes soon); so in the mean time us Canucks can get to drool over how sexy they look and how much fun it'd be to just stream our favourite music to our favourite speakers (if you haven't connected a chromecast to a home theatre or using a Roki already).

I must say I'm quite intrigued, since I last reviewed the Samsung speaker.  Since the review the software it uses is getting quite... Samsungy... ie. more than it really needs to be and making it cumbersome.  So using Google's will be a nice simple change.

Wi-Fi Streaming Speakers:

  • H3 30W speaker: $179
  • H4 20W portable speaker: $199 (available in May)
  • H5 40W speaker: $279
  • H7 70W speaker: $379

Wi-Fi Streaming Sound Bars

  • LAS751M: $499
  • LAS851M: $599
  • LAS950M: $999     

Source: Google Cast | LG News Release |  LG Home Audio