Missing night mode from Nougat 7.0? There's an APP for that!

With the latest release of Nougat, Android 7.0, we've seen that some users after a factory reset lost the ability to use the "Night mode" tile that was available during the preview. Mike Evans released an app just for that.

Milo is a smartphone stand with micro suction cups and it looks damn fine on my desk

Bluelounge which produces "Milo" is a micro suction desktop stand. This little baby is looking mighty fine just there on my desk. I wanted something different than a typical stand and I was ready to pay the price. Ok, not an overly crazy price... When it comes to accessories, we have an abundant amount of choices, this includes smartphone stands. Mostly usually plastic or aluminium base. However, Milo set itself apart by offering something different.

Android Nougat is out!

The next major version of Android was released today called Android Nougat, which brings the version number to 7.0.

There are already a ton of articles talking about this today, so instead of being redundant, I’ll list out some of the best content to check out;

Early OTA access and Night Mode

If you were part of the Android beta program to try out Android N before Nougat was released, you are fist in line for the Nougat OTA. I, along with several people I know who were also beta testers, got our OTA’s earlier today, and the size was only 30MB or so, rather than the full ~1GB for the full deal from Marshmallow to Nougat.

If wanted to rush the OTA, people, including a friend of mine, who was able to sign up for the beta today, and got the Nougat OTA very shortly after! It’s like cutting in line, but it works!

Also, for those of you who’ve been on the beta program, may have used Android’s Night Mode. This feature tints the screen red, making it easier on the eyes in low light or darkness. I use it often when I read in bed, right before I sleep. It’s been great. There was word this feature wouldn’t make it into Android Nougat though, so I had expected it to disappear after updating. It did not!

However, as +Martin Guay just confirmed, he factory reset his Nexus 6P to give the phone a clean slate. He too had the beta option, Night Mode. After the reset, he lost that. Just a heads up in case Night Mode is very important to you.

Axum's new wireless earbuds make IndieGoGo goal in 12 minutes

Lately it's all been about the sound... or so it feels.  Having good music in the background or on your ears is very important.  It was kind of funny actually trying to explain to a coworker what exactly Bluetooth means for headphones.

I think these new ones from Axum will just blow her mind.

AxumGear comes in part from the folks that brought us MicFlip cables, which I love so much, and they launched the company with a set of earphones on IndieGoGo and hit their $15,000 goal in 12 minutes.  Currently sitting at $60k in backing, the project is not just your ordinary set of wireless headphones.

These are just little earbuds, similar to the Moto Hint (if you remember those) where it's literally just a simple earpiece that goes in your ear, and then it's made specifically for some rugged wear as it's advertised for "sports" by having good resiliency as well as a special 'hook' to stay in, no matter what you do

Coming up: In-ear headphones from Master & Dynamic ME03

In a little while, I'll be talking about another interesting product from Master & Dynamic. I'm going to talk about a different style of headphones, mainly the ones that many teenagers and young professional on the go tend to grab; In-Ear headphones. 

Here's my quick look at some aspect of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7

Since the Note 7 pre-order has been so successful, it's going to be interesting to see how many units will be available for each carrier. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 carries a hefty price for a smartphone and personally, I see no reason that justifies the price.

Google's new video messaging app Duo is now available

So, yesterday we had heard that Hangouts on Air was being moved from Hangouts to Youtube Live it's making me wonder the future of Hangouts... I won't rehash the whole issue I have with the Duo/Allo/Hangouts trifecta that exists and the whole "why?" of it all... but it's there.  (Maybe this is why Hangouts has been effin' up on me the past week or so... forcing me to leave it).

And today we get Duo.  Not Allo yet, but that's coming.

I've not gotten the app via the Play Store yet (I'm still registered), yet you can download via APK Mirror.

I'll wait.  But my biggest beef with Duo is that it has to be attached to a phone number.  Personally, I don't know why I'd need to tether the app to a phone number, that personally, I'd like to ditch.  I want data only.  I want to be able to use Duo on my phone, my tablet, my work phone, my roaming phone, my laptop, my computer... hopefully only having to use one account.

Source:  Google Blog | APK Mirror

Ever want a phone with 2 displays? Yota Phone 2 on sale for $150 [deal]

I must say, this is quite below my normal spec of a device, but $150USD is very very tempting.

I don't know if I'd use the thing other than to just make other folks go "oh, cool" ... but it's just about at that "why not" price range.

What do you get?

  • 5" 1080p
  • 4.7" QHD eInk display on back
  • Snapdragon 800 2.26GHz x4
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB storage
  • 8MP/2MP
  • 2500mAh
  • Android 5.0

So, yeah, well below my normal spec, but a device that was $390 now on sale to $160 and then the YP10 code saves you another $10.

Source:  CooliCool.com use code YP10

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 now available for $399

I don't know what's happened to me lately, maybe it's getting a chance to use the LG G Pad 3 or the Galaxy Tab Pro S but where I used to say stuff like "I don't have a use for a tablet" to now it's becoming one of my main consuming devices when I get home.

Samsung has just made available their new Tab A 10.1" for $399, which you can get through most retailers

So what do you get for the cash?

Future proof your charging needs with Aukey's USB-A & USB-C charging station

Let's face it, USB-C isn't going anywhere and more devices will start creeping up all over the place with this standard. Might be time to think about getting yourself a future proof charging and having it backwards compatible? Important to note Benson indicates that the Type-C isn't compliant with USB-C SPECS.