[Poll] Do you use a stand? Samsung wants to build one in

The other day we saw that Samsung had patented a new way to use the S-Pen.  Have a portion that bends and then can act as kickstand for your device.


As I've talked to more and more folks about their phone usage, the rising trend is that the phone is replacing other traditional sources of media consumption (reading articles, books, viewing movies, etc...)   With all that consumption, holding your arm at that bent angle can sometimes be a bit of a pain; so having a stand (or a pillow propped up) might be beneficial.

So, I'm asking today about your usage of a stand for your phone.  Obviously the large tablets you'd want to have a stand for and are more common.  But phones, not so much, so I'm interested to hear the results.  Especially after seeing some bizarre types of holders like this one.

Sound off in the poll!

LG's made a case that marries the Dot View and QuickCircle

So, the rumour mill is just doing what they do.  Find little bits of leaks and share them as far and as wide as possible.  Who knows if they're right.  Maybe they are.

What is known is that they will announce 'something' at Mobile World Congress, and then just yesterday sent out pressers showcasing a new case for a 'yet to be announced' G5 device.

As you can see from the images they provided it looks like it's going to be some sort of hybrid between the Dot View from HTC and their own Quick Circle cases (which it's no longer a circle... more like the Samsung... what was it called ... S-View case?).

We can't see anything else about the phone but the black and white display (whereas previous circle cases allowed for full colour) definitely lends creedence to this 'always on display' they're rumoured to bring about.

What do you think?

Hangout Show #149 [video]

Well, we were almost 'on time' for the show yesterday, we had a few topics to talk about and we were at the 20 minute mark, but still managed to fill up the extra time with discussion.

Check out the show and let us know what you thought!

See you next week for our 150th show!!

The battle of the File manager on Android is a hot topic

Unlike our operating system on Windows Or Mac, we have choices of different file browser on Android. It goes further than that when you start looking at all the features of each one of them. Some are strictly aiming for the ability to file browse, others aim higher with add-ons.

It's a heated conversation with anyone who's been around for a while to determine which one is better and ultimately it will be up to the user.

[Review]ZTE Axon Pro - a smarter, faster Axon

Sometimes it's okay to stay in the 'middle of the line' devices.  2015 and I think continuing on into 2016 we'll see a huge rise in the middle devices.  Great bang for your buck in those devices.

Sometimes you want to go balls to the wall with your specs and get all you can.

ZTE offered its Axon line up which was a very decent middle of the road device, which I reviewed back in November.  Released at the same time was the Axon Pro, but it's only now just making its way to Canada.

The Axon Pro bumps up a couple of the important specs on the Axon, which means there's also a price increase to $650 (for the 64GB version at Newegg.ca) - but is it worth it?  That's up to you to decide.

Let's dig in.

Hangout Show #149 [event]

Has it been another week... already?

Well, let me strap on my opinion shoes and get ready to chat it up with the team and talk about all the recent news in the Android realm lately.

Android Coliseum: Hangout #149
February 10th, 2016

Tap to Pay coming to a Pebble device with Pagaré

I love being able to tap my Visa card on a payment terminal... makes me feel so modern.  Which is why I can't wait for the Canadian opportunity to use Android Pay with my phone.

In Canada... it'll take some time unfortunately.

But, in the mean time there may be an alternative for those on Pebble devices with the new Pagaré watch strap for the Time, Time Steel or Time Round watches.

HTC One M8 gets Marshmallow (Telus/Koodo)

So the other day the HTC One M9 got its 6.0 update, and it looks like Telus and Koodo are sending it out for the One M8 version as well now.

New features like Doze and Now on Tap are ready for you HTC users!

Go check out the update now!

Source:  Telus via MobileSyrup

Chromer the application that gives you a browser within any app got a major update

I've covered how awesome Chromer is, right? Here's a recap; It allows you to the joy of clicking on links within any app and then slide in a chrome tab that allows to browse directly from within any app. It's making use of the new features available with in Chrome and extends it to all the apps.

The latest on the subject is that Chromer has undergone a major update, which in turn will benefit us the users.

Jack Underwood's Promo Code app is all the rage since yesterday

Jack Underwood is bringing a really sweet application to the Android ecosystem, the ability to get promo codes for free, high quality apps!

This has all been possible with the introduction that Google made a little while ago, allowing developers to create promo codes for their software, which in turn would allow users to get access paid application for free. The idea was to streamline the process and make it easier for developers to market themselves out there by giving the chance to some lucky people.

By pressing "I'm feeling lucky" you have a chance at winning a promo code. If you do, you’ll get a promo code which you can enter in the Redeem section of the Play Store’s nav drawer. If you don’t win you will be booted to the featured app’s normal Play Store listing with a “better luck tomorrow” message.

Something to also consider, you can only try this once per day. Take a good look at the Com Back Tomorrow message, you can if you choose to, to follow them on Twitter for more chances of getting some promo codes.