Nuzzel app is the news your friends are sharing and reading on social networks

You'll be able to see the top news your friends on Twitter and Facebook are sharing. Mining the social news that people share based on how many people within your friends are sharing the same news.

It is just that easy. There's no endless configuration, you log in and browse the news that people are sharing over their social feeds.

Nuzzel does have the ability to do a bit more for you. If a particular news is spreading like a wild flower, Nuzzel will craft a special alert to notify you.

When looking at the news being shared, you can find out how many people from your social network is sharing the same news, on the bottom left corner.

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King Of Thieves [Game Recommendations from Dean]

Cover artIn my series of games that my 7 year old recommends we all should play we're continuing from Crossy Road, to Sonic Runners and on to today's listing of King of Thieves.

Developed by ZeptoLab (the guys who made Cut the Rope) it's a nice little brain teaser of a game where a little ninja looking character gets to jump around a dungeon to nab some gold.

If it were that simple, it might be boring, but ZeptoLab doesn't do boring.  You get your own dungeon you can set up with traps and whatnot and upgrade them as you can afford.  There's lots of things to upgrade, or speed up the process with some in-app purchases... and I just find it hilarious how quickly my son disregards that stuff and gets to playing.  Like especially when he runs out of keys to break into a new dungeon, he'll hit the 'watch video to earn 2 keys' and actually put the phone down for the 15 seconds and then get back into it as soon as the video's over (ad blindness is strong in his generation).

Well, here he is explaining it to me

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Google Keep now let's you apply labels and recurring reminders

Awww, yisss!

I've really been getting into using Google Keep as my go-to for making my reminders and my random notes.

Only, up until now you could only categorize them by colour.  Not exactly the best way, and you only had about 8 colours to choose from.

Now, Google has updated the web and the app to allow for applying labels to your notes, which makes it easy to find anything (so long as you apply your labels... I'm now going to be spending a lot of time labelling my old notes); but you can now also set your reminders to re-occur.

I like that.  I set up a few things to remind me in my calendar, but it's kind of nice not cluttering up my calendar with that stuff.

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[don't want to wait?  you can always jump over to APKMirror or GAppsEarly]

Tomorrow you can preorder your HTC One M9

Canadian availability is just starting to roll out for the HTC One M9 and we'll be tracking everything over at our Carrier Pricing sheet.

Here's where you can pick up an HTC One M9 shortly for $199 on contract (no word on outright costs)

  • Bell
  • Rogers
  • Telus
  • Koodo
  • SaskTel (pricing has yet to be determined)
  • Wind (pricing has yet to be determined)
  • Videotron - you can pre-order starting March 27
So, I've gone through each of the sites, and there's no info about pre-ordering yet that I can see, so stay tuned.

Straight from HTC's press release:

Great news! 
The new HTC One M9 flagship smartphone, praised for its beautiful design, powerful performance and high quality camera experience, will be available in Canada at Bell, Best Buy, Future Shop, Koodo, London Drugs, Rogers, SaskTel*, T-Booth, TELUS, The Source, Videotron, WIND Mobile* and Wireless Wave in-store on April 17, 2015 for $199**. 
Pre-sale of the HTC One M9 will be available starting March 27th at Videotron.

* SaskTel and WIND Mobile pricing is TBC
**Pricing based on select 2-year plans

Hangout Show #107 [video]

We had a lot to talk about, and not just about +droidcon Montreal ...

There's CM's Kirt spouting his mouth about 'killing google', there were updates for Wear, Google Now, and Keep...

And a couple devices getting Lollipoop...

Give yourself 30 minutes and watch our hangout on air and listen to our take on the recent news of the week.

Google I/O Extended - Ottawa event

Google's event IO is coming up in May and some folks here in Ottawa are doing the Extended Edition.

If you have time and are looking at seeing live what's going on you may be inclined to check this out.

Not sure what IO is?
"Google I/O is Google's main developer conference in San Francisco."

The event is hosted by IEEE, SESA, and CSSA at uOttawa.
There's more details to come on the event page which you find right below.

Anker 5-port desktop charger - what's your opinion?

I wasn't sure at first if this was the way to go, but with the number of devices that I have, it was the smart thing to do. I'm actually running out of outlets and this seems like the right choice.

I could of went with many other options that are available out there, but at the time this was on special and I couldn't pass up the offer.

I've decided to stick with +Anker Official as they've been good to me with all the products I've acquired from them.

This brings me to talk about the Anker 5-port Desktop Charger.

NomadKey for Pebble Original Smartwatch

Today Nomad is announcing NomadKey for Pebble Smartwatch, a key-sized USB charging cable for the original Pebble smartwatch.

NomadKey for Pebble is a first of its kind smartwatch accessory made just for Pebble, ensuring you’ll always have a Pebble charging cable ready to charge from any USB port.

They've noticed that as people transition from smartphone to smartwatch, they’re once again needing a new, custom cable--one they won’t find laying around their house. NomadKey for Pebble is a reincarnation of the NomadKey for Android that was launched last year.

With the booming smartwatch industry, there will be a huge potential for companies like Nomad to make accessories to keep our smartwatches powered on the go. They've got plans to build NomadKey for the upcoming Pebble Time and for future smartwatches.

Availability: Available and shipping now from Nomad and Amazon.
Price: $19.95 (US)
Compatibility: Pebble Original (a future model will be available for the upcoming Pebble Time)

Hangout Show #107 [event]

Hey everybody, it's that time of the week again where our little group is going to get together and gab about the little green guy and all his news.

I hope you can join us tonight.

On our hangouts page you can see the agenda and join in the chat with other attendees!

Watch Yahoo's Fanboy Challenge [and boo the iOS guy throughout]

I will say this, +Derek Ross, it sure looked like you were having fun.

Unfortunately, in the end the iOS operator (Jon Foley) won... but really it was a pretty awkward set up and it could have easily gone the other way.

I just have to laugh as Yahoo's tweets kept saying Siri 'smacked down' Google Now, but that challenge was a tie!?!