Asus unveils ZenFone 3, ZenFone 3 Deluxe, ZenFone 3 Ultra @ Computex 2016

Asus unveils ZenFone 3, ZenFone 3 Deluxe, ZenFone 3 Ultra @ Computex 2016

Asus unveils ZenFone 3, ZenFone 3 Deluxe, ZenFone 3 Ultra @ Computex 2016 an impressive line of devices is awaiting for consumers like me and you.

LG's G5 - the big brother to all the 'friends' out there

I'm going to do this review a little differently.  It's not been easy, I'll tell you that.  I've really loved LG in the past years.  REALLY loved them.

Getting the LG G5 felt somewhat like Christmas, or getting to watch the next movie in a series.  I've loved what's come before and anxious to experience the next.

But, I knew the G5 was going to be a departure, and I tried to settle myself on that.  I really try to have an objective viewpoint on all my reviews, but with LG it's been different.

While using it I had several little wriggling issues, that I easily dismissed because "hey, it's new, it's not perfect, but it's the next version of the stuff I like." Kind of like listening to a new album by your favourite band and it's not so good - it's not bad - just not as awesome as the previous album.  It takes a few listens through to appreciate it properly.

Okay, enough of the analogies.  The short of is that the G5 is awesome, it is, but it's just not what I hoped it would be.

So, with that in mind, I'm going to eschew my typical review style and cover some of the things I liked, and some of the little nagging bits that ate away at that perfect score.  Now, mind you, each of those things by itself is almost nil... but they existed.

On with the review

The Verus High Pro Shield Nexus 6P is a stylish, slim fit, solid case

The Verus High Pro Shield Nexus 6P is a stylish, slim fit, solid case

The "Verus High Pro Shield" for the Nexus 6P is a stylish, slim fit, solid case! As a consumer who's conscious about his smartphone, I know what you're looking for; You want to make sure that if you drop your smartphone that it will protect it from bumps, scratches, and avoid having it fall into pieces. You're also looking to make sure that it's stylish and comfortable in your hands. Still with me? Yeah? Then let's see what else I think.

ZTE Announces the Axon 7 ... wow

Umm... what's the emoji for sploosh (any Archer fans?)

But really, I'm just finishing up my day at my 9-5 and getting caught up on some of the news and ZTE's announcement comes across my desk and I have to say I'm wowed!

So, it's interesting they're going straight from last version Axon Pro (the A1P) directly to the Axon 7 (standard or pro).  Especially since there's the rumour that the Note 6 will actually be called the Note 7 (now that makes sense as it'll bring it in line with the non-Note series numbers).

Regardless of what they've named this device, I'm a little giddy to take it for a spin - even make it my daily.  I'm finishing up my review of the G5 and I'm going to be using the Axon Pro instead of going back to my G4 - I've been liking ZTE's stuff so much lately.

Bell's updating the Note 4 to Marshmallow

image from MobileSyrup
At a whopping 1.5GB download, it's a big update alright.  Bell is sending the OTA (but I'm sure you'll want to use WiFi instead) for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to bring it up to the Marshmallow version.

Give it a try

Source:  MobileSyrup

Reading this summer? Checkout the Teclast X89 Windows/Android Tablet for $80USD

It's summer... practically.  So, that means breaking out the hammock and a good book.

Personally, I've not cracked a spine on a book in well over a decade as I prefer to do my reading digitally .It can be a little trickier in the direct sun, but hey, I put my hammock in the shade anyways.

Something that may just accompany me in the hammock is this tablet, the Teclast X89, which is a 7.5" dual booting Windows 10 and Android 4.4 reader.

Instead of the typical eReaders which use eInk, this has an IPS display and a modest spec list to be able to handle some relaxing use (it may not be your daily ... but for a lazy day, it'll be just fine).

MPOW 3 in 1 Lens kit for your photography needs

With smartphone becoming more and more the device of choice for point and shoot, it's no secret that we were bound to see adaptable lenses for our devices. I'm going to test out the MPOW 3 in 1 Lens kit over the next few days...

May 25th Everbuying has the UMi Super on for $180USD (limited)

It's been said that the past while has been an interesting time for new entrants into the market.  Market saturation of flagships and the spec wars are slowing down the race for the need for the highest spec out there.

Recently my father had purchased the Moto X Play, and he can't tell the difference between that device from about a year ago and my recent G5.  Most people can't tell the difference from flagship and middle line.

Hence why there's a big surge lately in new actors in the market who are putting out some great items for great prices.

This week Everbuying is offering a deal on the UMi Super for just $180USD (for the first 60 units only tho').

This is being offered on May 25th until the stock runs out (and I imagine it'll run out pretty quick).

Best Nexus 6P Tempered Glass? This Canadian no-name glass is awesome

Best Nexus 6P Tempered Glass? This Canadian no-name one might just be it. We have many variations of screen protectors on the market; Rubber, plastic, hard plastic sheets, glass, silicon coated tempered glass etc. They have their own methods to be installed and can quite frankly be a pain to install.

LG Friends: 360 Cam

LG really tried to go in a new direction this past year by making a series of 'modules' and accessories for the LG G5, called their "LG Friends".  It's very cool and really throws up the shade of things to come with devices like Project Ara.  Today, I'm going to show off the 360 Cam, which, in my opinion is the coolest of the accessories.