Angry Birds 2 sure lives up to its name

I'll have to admit, I have not tried out this latest version of Angry Birds.  I've done just about every iteration (minus the Stella series).  I really petered out with Epic.

And it looks like Angry Birds 2 is really falling into that vein; the 'pay to play more' method.

Hangout Show #125 [video]

We could have done an hour long show easily last night, so much to discuss for sure; but we kept it brief just for you.

Check it out!

Snowball notification brings you a 'smarter' notification inbox

We've talked about Snowball in the past and now it's been updated to bring you a fresh new look on Lollipop. Snowball's goal is to bring you a clutter free notification environment and an easy to access interface to reply to your notification. In this version of Snowball, the goal was to make it even smarter!

ChargeTech Dual USB fast charge 2.4A per port 12.5W small wall plug

If you were ever interested in a portable, fast charge, 2 port USB wall plugin, this is it! It can charge two devices simultaneously. That's right, dual USB (2-Port) charging ports. Most people nowadays have at least two mobile devices, Android phone and Bluetooth Speaker, or fitness tracking smartwatch and GoPro. All of these devices need charging on a daily basis.

ChargeTech spent extra time and attention in making sure this charger was not just small and powerful, but also beautifully designed and perfectly compact to carry around. From the swooping corners and glossy finish, to the way the prongs unfold, everything was carefully planned.

This little guy will set you back $24 USD with shipping for Canadian customers. Enough talks about the ChargeTech, how does it really perform? To tell you the truth, I went from 30% to 50% in 20 minutes. If you can calculate this correctly, 0% to 100% at a rate of 20 minutes per 20% gain. That takes 1 hour 40 minutes to charge an Xperia Z2 which holds a 3200mAh battery. I'd say this is pretty impressive. Granted, this is nothing like Quick Charge, but it's definitely a nice touch.

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Moto G 2015, Moto X Play and Moto X Style - Comparison Infographic

Motorola unveiled their new family of phones yesterday. The Moto G 2015 and the Moto X Play will be available in Canada. The following infographic will help you compare the specs of the three new models.

Hangout Show #125 [event]

Wait?  Didn't you guys already hangout this week?

Yeah, we did, but that was for the OnePlus.  This is for ALL the news of the week... and there's lots.

So, see you there

Android Coliseum: Hangout #125
July 29, 2015

Sony's new 'Concept for Android' available for your Xperia Z3 [download]

So for a while now, many of the Android Enthusiasts have asked manufacturers to stop tinkering with the base of Android, and provide Stock.  They like their Android like the Nexus.  Sure, they could add extra features as separate apps, but the look and feel of the UI should be as nature Google intended.

There was some options if you were in the US, where you could get "Google Play Editions" of some of the flagships, but that's not been renewed in a while.

Yesterday, there was even a lot of people loving the fact how the new Moto is 'near stock'.  OnePlus touted how OxyOS is close to AOSP as wel.

For those of you who have used Sony's Xperia UI... some love it, some not so much.  I know when I've reviewed them I heavily recommended changing launchers (+Martin Guay has some great examples on his Z2 to show you).

Well, it looks like you can ditch their UI with their new 'Concept for Android', which is their theme to make it look like a Nexus; and it's now available for download at XDA

[FR] OnePlus 2 Le jour suivant

À 8:00 PM MDT hier soir, nous avions l’honneur d’assister au lancement du OnePlus 2 en mode Réalité Virtuelle 360. Wow! Quelle expérience! Il était intéressant de devoir bouger avec nos téléphones pour suivre l’action. Je suis un grand fan de OnePlus alors il peut être difficile pour moi de rester objectif dans mes commentaires, mais au moins, ça vous donne le pouls de quelqu’un qui n’est pas biaisé par leur marketing agressif, les débâcles de leur service la clientèle ou des déboires avec Cyanogen.

Boxer has now just launched their own Calendar app for a perfect symbiotic integration with Boxer email

Boxer the acclaimed email client that is now making the storm in the Cyanogen rom has now launched their own calendar app that enables you to have a more symbiotic integration with your calendar and email.

Samsung announces their #TheNextGalaxy event for August 13

What a week!  OnePlus yesterday (+Sylvain Le Bourhis will have his thoughts by tonight), the Motorola event today (+Sivan Rehan will have an infographic soon), Windows 10 coming shortly...

And now Samsung has just announced their next big event