Addicted to Android? Here's how to show your numbers.

There's a lot of Android fanboys and girls out there. Figuring out exactly how many Android devices you've had can be hard off the top of your head, but did you know Google has them all logged for you?

Here's how to find them.

Nexus 6 - Eh Canadians First Impression

Hello Team Canada! This is +Tom Gray. I've been gone a minute, but I'm back to give my first impressions on the Nexus 6 since I've had it for approximately 24 hours. After flip flopping whether to buy the Nexus 6, I finally decided to get one, and luck was on my side as there was actually some in stock. This Nexus 6 marks my 34th Android phone I've personally owned, and with all this previous technology under my belt, I have very high expectations from my tech. We'll see if the Nexus 6 can keep my happy enough to keep in my pocket longer than 6 months.

Because I've only had the phone for only a single day, I'm not going to run this review long, and just hammer a couple points, and leave filling in the blanks to comments and questions on which I'll do my best to answer. So without further jibber jabber, let's get into it.

So where's our Lollipop?

At Google IO in June of 2014 we were introduced to Lollipop.  At the time it was still a work in progress, but it whetted our appetites like we hadn't had before.  We've been used to an announcement from Google about Android and as they announce they also say "and it's ready now".  it was one of the nice stand apart features to our iOS counterparts that they would announce and then tell you to wait.

So we waited with this version of Android; this being around the 20th version to be announced (if you go by API levels).  We waited from June until late October when we saw that the Nexus 6 was launched.  It wasn't until early November (almost 4.5 months) that the images came online.

That's as long as we've waited for some devices (usually some of the first wave after Nexus) to get an update.  And that's just to make it publicly available.

Now, how much longer do we have to wait for it to hit the non-Nexus lineup?

Top 10 Best Android Wear apps

Android Wear watches have lots of potential. Their functionality can be much greater than plain notifications, controlling music and fitness tracking. Following are some cool Android Wear apps which will make your watch much more fun.

HP brings in some new tablets

Tablets, tablets everywhere, let's all have a think..

Yeah, it seems everywhere lately there are tablets.  I've got 2 personally, and I've got 2 that I'm currently reviewing (Nexus 9 and Dell 8 3840).  More and more folks I know have picked one up.  But that demographic definitely has started to skew towards an older generation; whereas the younger (I'll include myself with 'younger') tend to start shying away from them.  Is this akin to Facebook?  "As soon as my parents have one, I'll not use mine?"

That being said, in Q4 2014 47% had reported they owned a tablet.  So there's still a market.  I don't know the numbers specifically, but I'm going to guess a lot of them tend to be the iPad.  And to compete with the iPad and it's form factor we've seen the Nexus 9 come out, and just yesterday HP also announced a couple 4:3 ratio devices.

Meet the Pro Slate 8 / 12 and a fancy new 'smart pen'.

Summoners War game in the TOP free RPG's on the Play Store

Summoners War captured my interest while browsing the free games on the Play Store. It was rated among the top 25.

Who would of thought I would get addicted to this game... I know I didn't, but I'm hooked.

This RPG aim's to combine elements similar to Final Fantasy 3 battle system that many of us enjoyed while adding the distinct tactics by using Fire/Water/Earth/Wind/Dark/Light type of magic.

HTC's next device to be announced March 1st (just before MWC)

CES is barely in the rearview mirror and already folks are looking to the next big event in tech, which for us phone folks will be at Mobile World Congress.

MWC is taking place March 2-5 in Barcelona, but HTC just can't wait that long to show off what they have next.  Is it the HTC One M9 that everybody's talking about?  The timing would be right as it was about this time last year the M8 was shown off.

I'm not going to get into whatever rumours are floating around about the device, but just showcase the facts.

We know that HTC is hosting an event on March 1st in Barcelona.

This was posted by HTC's Jeff Gordon (no, not that Jeff Gordon... the one that had so much fun busting that kid last year... god that was fun) on Twitter.

Utopia eh?  I'd like to see a name change... you know my thoughts on sequential numbering for devices - it gets old really quick.


Are You Buying the OnePlus One (without an invite) on Jan 20?

We knew it was coming... it's been so discussed at length for a long time, yet it hasn't happened yet.  There have been some times for a pre-order or have just an hour long promotion where you can buy, but never really a 'no more invites' date.

Tomorrow, OnePlus will be doing a 2 hour window, where if you want to buy the device, you can do so without having to have an invite.

The device is well over 6 months old, but that doesn't mean it's dead in the water... it just means there's wild flying rumours about the successor.

It's still a great value, and it's been split decisions by those that have had it (I wasn't impressed, but +Sylvain Le Bourhis loves his).

Will you be ready to shell out on your credit card to OnePlus (and DHL for the fees it'll tack on to bring it into Canada)?


Galaxy S4 vs LG G3: Andrew’s quick hits

Not everyone plays with the latest and greatest of the smartphones out in the world, we asked one of our reader and follower +Andrew Penner to share his thoughts on some awesome devices that are still viable solutions for many of us out there.

I’ve had a few months on each, and here’s my take on both. I will say off the top that I do have a favorite among the 2, but only slightly. Both are pretty awesome, and in my opinion they’re pretty closely ranked overall. Both phones have been on the market long enough that I don’t need to really re-hash the particulars of each - there are plenty of listings of the specs for each phone as individual devices or side by side.

(Here's a good one) BUT I will say what I like (or dislike) about each when compared against each other. And for the most part, I’ve used these devices with a 3rd party launcher, but I did use the stock launcher long enough to get a feel for it. Launchers included Apex Pro, Action Launcher Pro (aka AL2), and Nova Prime, and overall I stuck with Nova the most.

Also, you might be wondering why I’m comparing devices that are soon to be 1 to 2 years old. Quite simple, actually. It’s the first time I’ve had 2 relatively “new” devices to compare to each other, and also I believe both are still really good devices. If you need to replace a broken device, either one will certainly get you by with few problems. Also, both devices are rather evolutionary rather than revolutionary - especially in the case of Samsung. Both manufacturers didn’t make HUGE strides over previous models (with the exception of LG’s UHD screen). Let’s go have a look at my experiences.

What are you looking for in a wearable?

I've been wearing fashion watches, fitness trackers and carrying a phone. This seems to be the year of the wearable so I'm trying to decide what I will replace my Gear Fit with - most likely much later this year. I've already had an offer of a FitBit Charge to replace my Gear Fit but I ended up turning it down. So what am I looking for?