Sony Xperia XZ receives Android 7.0 Nougat

So,it's been a few months since Google let out the Android 7.0 firmware for the Nexus and Pixel line up, and some devices are starting to get it just now.

In the USA a few more, but it looks like Sony also is joining that list and is sending it out a little morewidely with the recent update availability for the Xperia XZ.

With any big firmware update, it's a large download, 1GB in size, so you'll want to have WiFi and about 20 minutes (my guess) of time for it to go through everything properly.

Happy updating!


OnHub get's renamed to Google WiFi, now what?

The OnHub app was released last year which coincided with the OnHub device release. Now that we've all seen the Google WiFi, Google has renamed the OnHub to the Google WiFi app within its ecosystem.

APK Mirror

The app features a new design which will still be easily recognisable for many. You can see from the top that there's 3 different navigation option which offers 3 unique panels. The first options lead to the information about status messages, updates etc. The second panel indicates your OnHub (Google WiFi) and the attached devices and lastly the configuration panel which underwent a complete change.

While the new app also supports the Google WiFi, you'll also be able to manage your OnHub devices on the network. As you could do previously, you will be able to add additional "routers" such as the Google WiFi or the OnHub. That's it for now!

Dan the Man overview - it's addicting

Cover artSo lately I've felt pretty busy... I don't know why specifically, but when I get a few moments in my day, I like to play something that's quick and easy that it's as fun to play on day 1 as it is on day 300.

Well, I think I've found that with Dan the Man.

Apparently built around a 7 part webseries, this side scrolling punch and kicker game is just a bunch of fun.  Jump, punch and kick the baddies as you go through a level (which starts at level 8 based on the webseries finale).

Some of the levels can be long, but there's save points along the way, which help you take advantage of just shutting it off (as you go into a meeting or whatnot) and pick it up from that point later if it's just too long a game.

It really didn't take me too long to get through the whole game (maybe 2 weeks of off and on playing), but what's kept me coming back is that they have daily challenges to do ... which earns you upgrades/accessories for your custom character (you can choose to play as Dan, Josie, a purchaseable character or a cutomizeable player), like a suit of armour, or shark costumes.

Another way you're brought into coming back is that they just released a HARD MODE for you to try to master the game.  It's challenging enough, but not impossible to make you throw it away in frustration.

Then the more money you end up collecting you can use to power up your character's moves or the weapons ... and there's always a lot to upgrade.

If you're going to play, I suggest you take a look at paying the couple bucks to buy the game and remove the ads.  There's no ads just about anywhere except at specific points in levels where there's power ups that you can grab.  You don't have to grab them ... but if you want to you'll have to choose to watch a video.  It's fine, but for a few bucks, they're gone.

Anyways, it's super fun, and definitely worth the playing ... in my mind.

Get it on Google Play

Luna is one fierce little witch in this latest WitchSpring 2 from Kiwiwalks

Just a few weeks ago I was talking about WitchSpring featuring PieBerry an over the top potty mouth full of what you'll get if you manage to piss her off. In her quest to dominate the humans or finally put an end to all this "Witch" business, I manage to complete the game. The game has managed to keep me hooked. The ending of the game wasn't exactly what I was expecting and even more so when you only have 100 days (in the game) to get all of it done. In the next chapter with WitchSpring 2, the game dynamics are slightly different. You can definitely see the progress made from the first iteration of the game.

Luna will be undertaking an adventure that will have her meet news friends, foes and pet that will ally themselves with her. You will in the same instances as WitchSpring help Luna by levelling her stats with exercises and equipment. Gathering ingredients, crafting spells and potions along the way. The more fulfilling you get Luna involved the more interesting the ending will be!

At this time in the game, I think I'm fairly still, in the beginning, I've only got to one temple, help the smugglers a bit and now I'm attempting to find my way a top of a mountain to go see my friend Michelle. I still can't get close to the warriors, although I think I can smack them around. I've had my shares of battles for the moment and I'm still trying not to get killed. Like in the previous game, you don't die, you warp back to your home and from there you can sleep to heal yourself up.

I've managed to craft a higher level of fire spell and lightning, I'm going to attempt to get some ingredients for the 5 point lightning spell, this should definitely get me in the game to whack some people up with one blow.

The battle system provides you with the ability to do physical attacks, magic attacks, make use of items and of course the classic "Get the hell out of here" options. While this is a typical trait to the RPG world, you'll find that some of these battles aren't as easy as they look. I've managed to stay one step ahead in most cases and if that didn't work, I'd look for something that would give me the edge needed.

WitchSpring 2 - Ice witch residenceWitch Spring 2 - Luna stats at the Ice witch residence
click to enlarge

Luna has a goal in all of this, she's trying to figure out what happened with the Lords as well as why the humans have now overrun everything that's around. She does manage to find out that the Pope is doing experimentation with dark magic... I guess you'll have to get cracking and start playing the game if you plan on learning more!

If you're interested in getting in on this awesome game, you can point yourself over to Google's Play store and get yourself a copy for $4.99.

Origin is a mix of old and new for the smartwatch

There's a lot of folks that I show my watch to, that they just shun that 'fancy tech' and would prefer a plain ol' traditional watch.

Well the Grayton folks have come up with a device that marries a fancy analog watch with some smart features built into the strap.

You can pre-order the Blocks Smartwatch

I love my smartwatch.  About 3 years ago I got my G Watch and haven't looked back.  It is still kicking to this day and only just decided to buy the Moto 360 Sport that was on sale to replace it (it was due).

The moment I hit purchase, I then hear about the Blocks watch is now available for pre-order.

Don't remember Blocks?  Not many do (aside from those that help it raise over $1.5 million on Kickstarter.  Think of it as the ever customizable watch by changing out straps for modules to increase functionality... a la Project Ara

Vending Machine TAP&PAY using Android in Canada

A lot of people are waiting for the crazy blowout of the tap & pay market using their Android devices. Even when it comes to Apple, it still a "myth" for a lot of the users out there. We have some that are making full use this neat feature. Samsung is available to some Canadians, we have 1 or 2 banks that offer their own app version of it, while we still have not heard of Android Pay we do have consumers that are at the forefront of it all and enjoying the service such as me.

Who needs a Google Pixel iVoler tempered Glass protector X2?

Got a Google Pixel phone? Need a 2 pack of iVoler Tempered Glass to protect it? You're in Canada?

I've got something for you then! How does paying $0.95 + shipping and taxes sound? Cheaper than paying the full $10.95!

[2 Pack] iVoler [Tempered Glass] Screen Protector for Google Pixel, [0.2mm Ultra Thin HD Clear 9H Hardness 2.5D Round Edge] with Lifetime Replacement Warranty

If you're interested you simply have to comment on our website about why you follow Android Coliseum and I'll provide you with the coupon code! (Only works for Amazon Canada and only ships in Canada).

Newest Moto Mod - from Mophie

I'm loving my Moto Z, and the BIGGEST reason (aside from it's an awesome phone) is the wow factor that is the mods.

My only lament was that up until now there was only the 4 mods:  Insta-Share, SoundBoost, Power Pack, and the Camera (aside from the style shells)

Well, it looks like Mophie is the first to release an official mod comes from Mophie.  The Juice Pack Battery mod.

Using Taps - fingerprint use with gloves on

So, yesterday I asked you what type of security you use to lock your device (see here).

Most of you suggested fingerprint.

Now the problem is that it's becoming winter time.  Sure we have accessories like NanoTips and Glider Gloves to let us use our phone out in cooler times (and winter sure has hit my corner of the world... sigh).

But what do I do when I'm using a fingerprint sensor to unlock my device?  Sometimes with the backup code or tapping it's still just a little hard to be as accurate with those devices.

Well, let's take a look at Taps.