End of Summer Giveaway 2015

Oh my god.  Summer is just about over and that means it's time for us to get ready for our vacations/holidays to be over.  Some of us are returning to school, or just coming off summer hours and back to a full on schedule at work...

Whatever it is you're doing in the fall... it's always sad to see summer go. Let's help soften that blow by having our now 3rd annual End of Summer Giveaway.

It's time for us to really thank you our readers for tuning day in and day out to read what we've written... and this time when I went around to our OEM contacts and asked for some prizes I was overwhelmed by the response.

Our sponsors for this giveaway have recognized our increase in the readership and have responded in kind.  I'm just still amazed when you look at how much there is to give away... count it 5 phones and a ton of accessories.

Do you stream music? Videotron will now offer you unlimited data for that

I'm in love with Google Play Music.  Getting my 6 months free for All Access has again opened my eyes to the love that is the service.

It just kinda burns that it'll use up $10 a month and then after that I'll have watch my data plan so that I don't burn up any more money in data overages (sure, I can pin while on wifi, but then it's like you're missing out on some of the best bits of the service: whatever, whenever!).

Well, Videotron feels that pain and is offering unlimited data for streaming music apps if you're on a 2GB plan or more.

Why won't Videotron come to my neck of the woods.  I'd switch for that.  My office doesn't have Wifi and my 3GB plan is normally consumed by G+/Ingress and others so I'm usually near the limit as it is, without any music streaming (I have to manage my playlists and 'on phone' content while at home).  And with the office now shutting down live streaming services one by one I can't listen to the music I want to on my work computer.  So, this would be great!

What I love is that they even say "hey, we know this isn't all the apps out there, so let us know if there's one you like"; meaning they're probably open to including more services.

Source:  http://www.videotron.com/residential/unlimited-music

Mobile lifestyle who's embraced it?

Beside myself and a few others, who's really embraced the mobile lifestyle? Could you actually just work from a tablet and a smartphone for your day to day work? I'm sure a lot of you are going to say no, but I'm going to say yes, you can.

The mobile smartphone/tablet world has evolved so much within the last couple of years that, it's entirely possible to conduct business daily just from your tablet and smartphone. There's no real need for a desktop workstation anchored at work.

Tablets have become and are more powerful than your typical desktop.

Satechi Aluminum Power Strip brings power to all your devices

Satechi came out with a different concept when it comes to charging your devices. Let's incorporate USB powered ports as well as standard power outlets that you would use everyday? Is a perfect companion for the everyday mobile user. As we all know hotel rooms aren't the best when it comes to having available power outlets and this is very true with USB powered devices.

But this isn't limited to hotel use, what about airports? This can accommodate anyone.

Koodo has a deal for you if you're looking for the Moto X Play

So, last Friday the Moto X Play went on sale at a bunch of carriers; one of them, Koodo, really wants your business and is willing to give you a $100 bonus gift to come shop there.

More than half of Small Business in Canada are run off a smartphone

So this was supremely interesting for me to read about yesterday.  Intuit completed a study via Angus Reid with Small Business owners in Canada (remember 'small' is <100 employees) and found that 55% of the businesses were being run from a smartphone.

Just as I'm finishing up my summer project at work with high school and college students run their summer businesses - I found many of them had little 'technical infrastructure' (i.e. they didn't need much to run the actual business aside from any specific tools/equipment).  Many were using their phones to enerate invoices, run facebook ads, follow up with clients, respond to emails... a few had some laptops for the bigger things.

It reminded me of that story I read a couple years ago (wish I could find it again) where a CEO of a major company had eschewed his traditional laptop / PC to just use his Galaxy Note 2 for an entire year.

How many of you could get rid of your work computer equipment and solely use a mobile device?

Hangout Show #129 [video]

Thanks for a great show last night everybody.  It was a little smaller / shorter than usual, but still plenty of great topics to be discussed, and of course, congrats to our winners from Week 1 (all prize winners have confirmed).

Don't forget about Week 2

Week 2 - End of Summer Giveaway (Prizes 4, 5, 6 & 7)

Hey everybody, week 2 now... so we're giving away more stuff.  This week it's prizes 7 - 4!

This will run from August 26th @ 1030pm (EST) until September 2nd @ 1030pm (we'll announce the winners live on our hangout show that day)

Week 1 - End of Summer Giveaway (Prizes 8, 9 & 10)

Hey everybody, this is the first week of Giveaways; we'll be giving away prizes 8 - 10

This will run from August 19th @ 1030pm (EST) until August 26th @ 1029pm (we'll announce the winners live on our hangout show that day)

The NVIDIA SHIELD now available in Canada

If you were in the market for an NVIDIA SHIELD, now is your opportunity. Starting today, the device is available in both the US and Canada.