Samsung's Shape speaker can really fill the room.

We've reviewed a few different wireless speakers on this site (my favourite portable one being the 808XL).

And then Samsung sent me their Shape series M7 wireless speaker.  This was quite the hefty item. I'm used to getting various size packages in the mail for the site, but this one was quite large, being about the size of a decent PC.  The package was also substantially heavy - to me, that means that there's a considerable magnet in there to drive the speakers.

Plugging the device in was pretty simple - and you have 2 options to set it up.  You could lay it down horizontally, or put the 'stand' backing on it and have it stand up vertically.  If you put it up vertically then the soft touch buttons are now on one side.  You don't really need them, but just remember where they are.

Setting it up as a Bluetooth speaker was as simple as just tapping my phone to the NFC tag and it was done.  Tap it again and it's disconnected.  Once connected you just use it as you normally would any speaker, and it is AWESOME.

Google's project Ara now has 2 confirmed SoC's!

Google's release a bit of information on a Google+ post. They've confirmed 2 SoC's for project Ara.

Definitely looking forward to the time when this will become available for the general public!

Swapping pieces out for newer ones or just getting a new camera module. This has a lot of potential.


Android Lollipop coming to 3 devices at Telus in the next few weeks!

Telus will have 3 devices being updated with Android Lollipop in the coming few weeks.

This appears to be stock rollout for each. HTC One M7, HTC One M8 and Moto X 2nd gen.

Lookout Telus folks, you may get an early New Year's gift!

Andromium allows you to dock your phone in as a computer

We had seen this a while back, I believe it was the Atrix and one of the RAZR's that we saw a dock that would connect our phone to peripherals like monitors and mice (I reviewed the RAZR dock waaaay back when).

It's been my real dream since then to be able to have something like this.  Take my phone from home and plop it into a dock at work for my monitor and do work.  Take it home and plop it into a dock at home for my TV, or a dock downstairs for my PC... one device, multiple screens.

Andromium is closer and closer to making this happen as they've not only designed the dock but an accompanying OS/app for it to work on your monitor of choice.

Connect a wireless keyboard or mouse to your device as well and you have pretty much a working Android PC.

Currently in the Kickstarter funding process, you can sign up and pledge now for a perk of one device.  A $10 backing gets you the companion app (if you have a compatible dock already) or $30 gets you a dock as well.

Currently it only is available for the following:  Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, HTC One M7, M8, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6 (apparently it's a little hard to ensure compatibility amongst all manufacturers for the video out options).  If you've got a compatible device, give this a look over.

Android Coliseum #AC - Recap of the week!

Some users have started to notice that the Google Play Store app page on the web version has changed! Google is bringing in the card style format to just more than your Android device.

This comes right from Android Police and is in line with the changes we've been seeing which is part of the material world. Ah! This sounds too much like Madonna.

Hangout Show #100 [video]

Thanks to everybody who's helped make these past 100 shows possible... especially +Sylvain Le Bourhis who was the first to kick us in the butt and do it all that time ago.

Check out our #AppColiseum picks and don't forget to vote for your choice.

#AppColiseum picks for #100

100 go arounds on our little weekly (most of the time) show.

Just about every time we would showcase some new apps.  Here's the latest batch to enjoy

Vote for your choice in the embedded poll below!

OnePlus wants a name for their new ROM

So after the whole CM fight that's not a fight... it was clear tho' that OnePlus was looking at creating a new ROM.  Now, their parent company, Oppo, makes ColorOS... but they want to do something different.

Trickiest thing about any new product or service is coming up with a name... names are tricky and they really need to be 'just right' to attract customers as well as fall in line with your brand.  It's not easy.

So, OnePlus is going to crowdsource it.  There is something to that idea of opening it up to the users to let them name; but I know some designers and advertising agents who tire of this method.

The winner of the name will get a 64GB device and a free trip to Hong Kong to meet the OnePlus folks.

Cool if you win...

Check out the details on how to enter below.


100th Hangout Show tonight! [event]

Well, almost 2 years ago Sylvain had suggested we do our own little hangout together.  100 episodes later we're here...

Some cool moments over that time frame, some name changes, jumping around the days and... well lots of beverages (coffee or otherwise).

Let's celebrate our 100th get together!

Android Coliseum 
Hangout Show #100
Wednesday, December 17, 2014
10PM - 11PM EST

Fiverr's new update now for both sides of their userbase

I've loved the idea of Fiverr.  You know, "hey, I've got a neat little bit of talent that I'm sure you don't, and for $5 I can help you."

Someone who's great at some quick little editing on Photoshop, or simple logo design, or newsletter consultations... small things that sometimes for some folks it's a pain to do, but for others it's quite simple.  That's the idea behind Fiverr.

When I was between jobs I debated heavily about placing my own Fiverr gigs, but never did (just couldn't figure out what it was that I could offer... and then Helpouts came along).

The issue if you were a Fiverr user was that the app was only for one group... those that purchase gigs.  If you were a gig provider, then you got no real use out of the app.

Fiverr noticed that of their group, 60% were Android, and more than half of their providers were using the app (even though they couldn't take advantage of it), and with those numbers in mind, decided to provide an update to address these stats.

Today's app update now starts to have both users in mind, the gig buyers and the gig providers.

Providers will be able to:

  • Create and edit their gigs
  • Deliver gigs directly to their buyers
  • Monitor revenue and manage withdrawals

Very cool.

Are you a fiverr user?