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Skinit Cargo Case Marvel Captain AmericaAs we showed off this case previously, just wanted to remind you the giveaway is going on until June 1st at midnight (i.e. when I'll be home from my trip).

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Captain America Shield Galaxy S6 Skinit Cargo Case

Google I/O 2015 - Android M (Automatic data backup / restore)

Google didn't mention everything during the Keynote for I/O, but there was something to be said about the Data Backup, Apps & Restore feature of Android.

Android apps are getting state backup in Android M of the OS.

CBC Radio App optimized for Lollipop / Material

With all the talk at IO today and the Material Design... it was neat to see this update for CBC Radio.

Sure, CBC may not be for everybody - but I'm a huge fan.

It even has a new logo

Cover art

(and didn't go all weird like the new Q logo...)

Google I/O 2015 - More for your Android Wear device

Google is definitely working hard for the consumer market! With this newest release, Android Wear users will be able to use gesture base movements to cycle through their notification. By lifting upward you'd be able to cycle through the notifications.

Google I/O 2015 - New Google Photos app

It had been rumored for quite a period of time, but finally today it was unveiled, the new Google Photo app. The big difference with Google Photo is that's now a standalone application and it isn't tied into Google+ any longer.

Google I/O 2015 - Android M (Low-power/Doze)

Google I/O 2015 is currently happening and one of the interesting announcement was Android M. We've all been hearing the rumors for a little while now it's official.

It would appear that the rumors are true, the lower-power/doze mode that's been floating around is a real thing. 

Sunrise Calendar - Why You'd Use It

I have two calendars. Personal, using Google’s Calendar, and work via Exchange. I’ve been doing perfectly fine for a long time now with this simple setup. My phone shows both calendars together thanks to an app called Nine which I use for Exchange email. No issues at all here.

However, Sunrise Calendar keeps popping up everywhere. Most recently, I saw the app’s name once again in an email from Wunderlist, stating their apps can now work together.

Hangout Show #116 [video]

Ooh, great show last night.

What?  You missed it?

Thank god Google caught it and places it automatically on youtube.  Give it a watch and let us know your thoughts on the weekly event.

Keep your eyes peeled for info on a GoogleIO hangout tonight.