Vido has a $90 tablet which should be just fine for your kids [sponsored post]

My son has been using the Note 2 as his device for the past few years now, and it's probably time to get him something new.  Now, he isn't the most gentle with his devices, so I'd be leery of buying him something expensive or newer... so what are my options.

Also, he's almost at the age he might be bringing it to school, so I don't want a normal phone that he can sneak in his pocket and use from his desk... something he can only use while he's been allowed - so a tablet.  And maybe the tablet should be able to get more than Wifi in case I want to text or he can't connect to the school's wifi.  SO something with a SIM tray.

Well, it looks like Everbuying has an option from Vido - the T99 phablet - weighing in at just $87CDN

Google Now enables music identification in Canada - HOORAY!

Google Now enables music identification in Canada! It was about time. With this highly anticipated feature, we won't need to rely on a third party application such as Shazam or Soundhound. With Google Now, it's just a tap away!

Battleheart is a fun RPG in a swipe to attack style that's addictive

Battleheart is a fun RPG in a swipe to attack style that's addictive

Battleheart is a fun RPG in a swipe to attack style that's addictive and you definitely can't get enough. This has me literally playing this throughout the day. It's a fun game to get into when you have some spare moment. The genre of game is a swipe to attack type of action. As you go through the different levels you'll gain gold, experience and sometime some very nice loot.

For $200 a month you can learn Android development with Udacity and Google

I've long since wanted to learn to make my own apps.  Who hasn't.  It's such a cool sounding thing, and apps are the things we use EVERY day.  Who wouldn't want to make that.  The reality is a little harsher than 'just make an app'.  I know many developers that can tell you it's not all glam and glitz.

But still, I have a bit of a thirst for knowledge, and this is something that interests me.  I've seen a few of the 'learn to code' workshops out there, but for me... the last time I coded was highschool with Turing, and that was before anything object oriented came out.  I dabbled a little with some C++ in university, but I really didn't understand what was going on and eeked out my pass in that course.

So, I need a basic course (get the pun?).  Udacity, one of the most popular online courses is partnering up with Google to give a very basic primer on app development.  Just what I needed!

Limited time sale on the Cube iWork8 dual OS tablet [sponsored post]

It's summer now.  Calendar-wise, and pretty much weather-wise as well.  TO me, that means it's time to lay out in the sun when I can.  I have a lovely hammock and some patio chairs (that I can enjoy only after I've done all the mowing), then what to do while I relax?  Well, besides a cold beverage having some screen time is fun.

It's one of the few times that I prefer using a tablet to just my phone.  Screen size, sun angles etc... a tablet is just easier to read.

Now if it's going to be my outdoor device, I'm not going to want to pick out something that's all that expensive.  I might spill my beverage on it... I might drop it when I doze off... it might get bug spray on it... so I don't want anything onerously too expensive.  More and more these dual boot tablets are catching my eye.  The latest one shown to me which is tempting is the Cube iWork8 Ultimate Tablet

Calendar Widget: Agenda - Is outstandingly the best agenda to date

Calendar Widget: Agenda - Is outstandingly the best agenda to date

Calendar Widget: Agenda - Is outstandingly the best agenda to date. There's not a lot more I can say with this statement right here. As much as I like to have a calendar app, the most important thing for me is to be able to see what's happening for my day at a glance. The best part, it's synced with your Google Calendar.

Moto G4 Plus now available in Canada

So, the Moto G series, which really set the bar for the 'middle of the line is more than enough' phone out there has its latest offering, the Moto G4 Plus version available to be picked up at most of the carriers starting today.

Today you can pick up the device from Koodo, SaskTel, Telus, Wind or Virgin and it'll be $400 outright.  The other carriers will announce shortly their availability.

Currently, I'm testing the device out, and I've liked it so much that I've replaced the G5 for the time being.  As a reminder, here's the specs of the device:
remember, you can see all this on our database page

Moto G4 Plus
Processor1.5GHz x8
TypeSnapdragon 617
Rear Cam16MP
Front Cam5MP
ReleasedSummer 2016
Turbo charge
Fingerprint reader

The kicker however is that there's no NFC.  Haven't decided if it's a deal breaker for me yet.  You are supposed to get 2 years of 'original quality' back up with Google Photos free, but I can't seee how to take advantage of that.

But for $400 and only 2GB RAM it's handling itself quite fine.


With Google's new "Prompt" are you now using 2 Factor Authentication?

It used to be "hey, you need a strong password".  And I hated those things. Some had to have a special symbol, a capital and could be a name of a popular place or your mother's maiden name.  The rules just were nutty.

But to be honest, I don't think having weak passwords are the issue, I think it tends to be that a lot of us use the same passwords for many things, and then where one site gets leaked, they'll have access to all your other accounts.  Eep.

So the important thing these days is to have 2 Factor Authentication.  Essentially, whenever you want to log in to the service, it double checks that it's actually you by getting you to do something else.  Typically, it's sending you a text message and then you enter a code seen on the message.

Well, rolling out now, Google is using 'Prompt' which will be the same, but instead of having to enter a code, a prompt comes up on your phone asking you "hey, you doing this?" and you can just say yes.  No code or nothing.  Simple.  You won't even be asked your password on the Google service.

Now that it's so simple... are you going to use it?

Personally, I haven't used 2 Factor on anything, and I probably should, eh?  What do you think?

My issue is that I have lots of phones, and I often switch between them fairly quickly... so if I set it up for the G4 Plus, but then I switched to the G5 in a couple days (after the review is over) ... will it be messaging the wrong device?


OneAdaptr brings you TWIST the world traveller charging station

OneAdaptr brings you TWIST the world traveller charging station

OneAdaptr brings you TWIST the world traveller charging station you'll ever need and it's really hard not to agree with them when they list more than 150 different countries where you can use this device. The 3 in 1 options is the most versatile of charging station for the world travellers.

Is MintChip the payment method you've been waiting for?

Seems like mobile payments are finally coming to Canada. A couple of banks are pushing out to Android devices and connecting via Apple Pay. Samsung Pay is coming but for now there's a new kid on the block - MintChip.