Android Coliseum and the Google OnHub experience and what now?

Google made a splash not that long ago when they announced their OnHub, which should revolutionize the way home networking is done. There's been plenty of video reviews, hands on and even Artem @ Android Police has an extensive coverage where he's migrated everything to OnHub. I don't have nearly all the devices he has, but with my 11 devices, I'm happy that everything is working better than on my Asus RT-N53.

Panasonic Home Monitoring System

Have you thought of getting a home monitoring system but don't want to go through all the monthly security charge? Me too so I jumped at the chance to get the Panasonic Home Monitoring System by using my AirMiles points. Unlike many AirMiles rewards, the system has been recently released so you can easily purchase additional peripherals.

What's in the box? A hub, cordless phone, motion sensor, smart plug and two door/window sensors. When you get a system, components are already registered with the hub. We've ordered a camera to add in so I'll update the review with the ease of set up for additional units later.

Ingress Glider Gloves will help you playing in the cool

Just got my new Ingress Glider Gloves in and gotta say they're nice.  Sure, it's not cold yet so they're especially warm and everything works as it should.

Best of all it includes a passcode that nets you some great stuff!

So, go pick it up now if you're a player... you'll need 'em when it gets colder.  Especially if you want to join some First Saturday events!

$35USD for your choice of faction.  Of course I chose the right faction... the Enlightened.

I'm thinking about hosting a giveaway for the second pair.  What do you think?


Ford launches Android Wear compatibility for their Car's app

So, if you happen to have one of these new hybrid Ford cars, you would have known about the MyFord app for your device.

Well, today they've launched an update which now enables Android Wear compatibility.

This would be so cool to be able to walk away from your car and lock it with your watch!

LG's V10 is announced

LG has just announced a new device in Korea called the V10, and here's what it entails

Android - Choice Is Good

Last night, I took part in another Hangout with the gang from Android Coliseum. During our half-hour show, while speaking of the upcoming device, the BlackBerry Priv, Martin and Ryan spoke of physical keyboards, and how they felt a touch screen was so much better. I listened to them both go on for a bit about this until I interjected.

For some people, typing on a touch screen is better. Yes, that is probably a majority. It is not for everyone though. There is still a minor percentage who prefer to type on a physical keyboard, including myself.

This is only one example.

Too many people out there concern themselves with the wants and needs of other people. The I-don't-need-it-so-you-shouldn't-either attitude is not needed, and should be squelched. I love seeing all of the different options out there available to consumers. I like to see how some people have the choice of a phone with an awesome camera like the Samsung Galaxy S6 or LG G4. Others who prioritize battery life can have an option too, like the Moto X Play. People who are really concerned with security have the option of going for something like the Blackphone 2.

Heck, if you're looking for an old school flip phone, those exist too!

Leave 'Em Be

Try to do others a favour. If a device comes out and you're thinking, "Why would anyone want that?" then maybe you should just move on. Corporations such as LG, Motorola, Samsung, Apple, Windows, Google, BlackBerry, and HTC all have their own teams who spend countless hours trying to figure out the market and appease a target audience. They've done their research and homework. They look at a bigger picture than what you see.

"No I know uses..." is not a reason to not develop something. You only know who you know. No one I know uses WhatsApp. Should I tell everyone that WhatsApp is a silly and useless app? You get the idea.

Let there be choice. Choice is good.

NFC Ring launches their Eclipse Ring on Kickstarter

I'm not much of a stylish guy but I love my NFC Ring.  But that was a while ago that it came out.  It was due to have a new iteration.

As of today, the new 'Eclipse' is now on Kickstarter, and it brings a few improvements; notably the range on it is much better.  Whereas on my previous ring I would have to put it right up against the 'sweet spot' (they even give you little dot stickers so you can put on your phone so you can know where it is).

The other improvement is storage space on the tag.  Whereas the previous tag could store about 114b, the new ring is almost 10x more with 1kb (actually about 888b).

Very sweet.

Currently I can only fit about 2 lines of text on mine (I'm putting my name and my page) - with the new one I can put in my cell, email, website, etc... no worries

If you've been hoping to get into the NFC Ring this is definitely something you'll want to look at.

What would you use your NFC Ring for?


Hangout Show #134 [video]

We had a great discussion last night, that I really tried to not dominate.

Talking about Nexus devices, new Google toys, Priv and more; oh my?!

If you missed out, or just want to watch again, just click play below.

Moto X Play [Review]

Motorola made the recent move to provide 2 different devices, one in Canada (the X Play) and one in the US (X Style/Pure).

So I got the chance to take the Moto X Play out for a spin and as it compares to the X Style, it was definitely a little less in the spec wise, and we might be rightly upset about that, but the X Play offers a different experience, so let's delve into that, shall we?

Hangout Show #134 [event]

Man, there's so much to go over after what Google just dropped on us.

Join us in the conversation during tonight's show!

Android Coliseum: Hangout #134
September 30th, 2015