Thursday, 30 October 2014

AndroidTO is just a few days away [Oct 30]

If you're near Toronto and are an Android fan, you should be spending October 30th with Martin, Sivan and I (and about probably 500 others) as we celebrate the Android development community at the event called AndroidTO.

This'll be my 3rd year going, and I think it's the 5th it's been running.

There's been some changes lately, one of which means you have a chance to win 1 of 5 Android Wear watches.

Don't forget you can save yourself $26 if you're going by using Coliseum99 as a promo code.

Visit all the details and register your attendance today at:

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Tylt is having a savings on cases! 10$ - What a DEAL!

TYLT’s phone cases, which normally retail for $35 to $50, are currently on sale for just $10 through October 30. Known for its unique designs and unparalleled protection, TYLT's cases are the perfect mobile accessories for users looking for both style and functionality. With the holidays fast approaching, it’s never too early to get started on shopping, especially with a deal like this.

Please make sure to note that "Power Cases are excluded" from this offer.

This promotion includes cases for the following devices; Motorola Moto X, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Mini and the Galaxy Mega.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Gmail 5.0 will integrate your other email addresses [coming soon]

So, with Lollipop just around the corner (there's a latest preview build) and there's many folks who are just diving in and going crazy looking at what all the next goodies will be.

One that's apparently being held back was the release of Gmail 5.0 for the full version of Lollipop.  According to +Android Police they show that the new version will be able to incorporate, and other email types.

This. Will. Be. Awesome.

I know I'll get rid of any other email app.

How about you?


OnePlus One can now be bought without an invite on Oct 27th (for just an hour)

Love, or hate, the OnePlus company, but you can't argue the value you get out of a OnePlus One.

And one of the biggest sticking points about the device is that you just can't get it yet... you have to jump through some weird hoops to get an opportunity to do so; but it looks like it may be coming to a final end.

We recently had talked about nixing the Invite System, and it looks like it's almost ready ... on October the 27th you'll have the opportunity to preorder the device.


Dear friends,

The wait is finally over. Introducing the brand new OnePlus Pre-order System, our highly anticipated new process for bringing the OnePlus One to more people. Starting now you can go ahead and fill your shopping cart with what you want to purchase.

When pre-orders kick off on October 27 at 15:00 GMT (08:00 PST11:00 EST) for one hour only, your One will just be a click away.
But there's a catch, as Tom found out, it'll only be available for just 1 hour.

That's right.

You can buy, but only within a magical hour window.  Ugh.


Hangout Show #95 [event]

Join us Wednesday night for our weekly show about the week's news of Android.

It'll be my last one before the AndroidTO event (unless I can join the event as soon as I get off the airplane :)

We've seen the new Nexus material design everywhere lately, and then all the news about which devices will get Lollipop... Come check out our views - join us on the hangout page for live chat!

Android Coliseum: Hangout #95 [Oct 22, 2014]

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Taking CM11S from the OnePlus One and using it on an HTC One M7 - The journey...

What comes to mind when you see CM11S? To me that rings OnePlus One. Now since this smartphone isn't in the hands of many people out in the world, it leaves us in a pickle to know how well this rom performs.

Everyone has been talking over the last several months about the OnePlus One and even up to the time I'm writing this article, people are still actively crying for a OnePlus One.

The OP dd98 on XDA has completed a port of the CM11S for the HTC One M7.

Charging your phone with a 9V [do you really need to?]

Okay, so if you happen to need some emergency battery power, and you don't happen to have a electrical outlet charger, or a portable charger but you do happen to have a 12V charger and a 9V battery ... you can do this:

Would I recommend this?  Probably not.  Seriously... portable batteries are cheap (not as cheap as that tho') and smaller, and there's no duct tape needed.

Check out our reviews on battery chargers and how to monitor your battery on our site here and avoid this 'hack'.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Play Store (web) updated in Canada for Nexus 9, Player and Smartwatch 3

Well, it's faster than I expected.  No Nexus 6 yet, but we can now buy the Nexus 9 (shipping in 2-3 weeks); the Player and SmartWatch 3 are 'out of inventory'.

But go check it out:

Nexus 9 is listing itself at $429 (16GB) and $529 (32GB) for WIFI only, the LTE versions is $669 (32GB)

Nexus Player is listing at $109 with the Game Pad for $44.99.  Listing as 'out of stock'

Smartwatch 3 is $279.99 and is listing at "Coming Soon".


Comparing the iPad 3 mini to the Nexus 9

ipad mini 3 nexus 9 comparison
So, how does one compare these 2 devices?  It's actually quite hard without being able to actually play with one.  But the mini 3 is the closest to the Nexus 9 to spec against.

There'll be lots of nebulous-ness in this comparison and there'll also be lots of folks who'll dispute that although it's weaker looking in one area, that the other will be much better...

... but let's dive in anyways. 

On the hardware side here's what we're looking at for these 2 newly released devices:

Nexus 9
iPad mini 3
228.2 x 153.7 x 7.9 mm
200 x  134.7 x 7.5 mm
Screen Size
2.3GHz x2
1.3GHz x2
Nvidia Tegra K1
8MP / 1.6MP
5MP / 1.2MP
(wifi only)
16GB - $429
32GB - $529
16GB - $439
64G - $549
128GB - $659

Again it's a real hard split between these 2.  Especially when you factor in prices.  The prices for the Canadian Nexus 9 isn't confirmed yet, and it could be higher.  Sure, it's a large tablet, but for the average consumer they're not going to be noticing every detail.  The 9 will be sold in stores at Best Buy / Future Shop 'soon', and then with LTE versions coming out in November via the big Telus and Rogers

So, if you were 'brand agnostic', which do you think looks more appealing?

Moto 360 coming to Canada for Hallowe'en

Way back when Android Wear was announced and we looked at the initial offerings, I asked you which you would like.  And before anything was even really known about it, you voted overwhelmingly for the Moto 360.

Well, after it was announced it was very hard for us Canadians to get a hold of one; but that all changes on October 31st.

Hi there,
It’s almost time. Moto 360 will be available in Canada starting October 31 at Future Shop Online at and in store at TELUS and on for $279. The watch will be available in Stone Gray and Black Leather. 
Moto 360 is a modern timepiece powered by Android Wear. Comfortable, familiar, and crafted with the finest materials, Moto 360 keeps you up to date without taking you away from the moment. Glance at your wrist to see updates or just speak to get the info you need. Because it's time a watch told you more than just the time. Learn more about Moto 360.

Very exciting for many of you who said they wanted it (and haven't found a way to order it from the US already).

Don't forget you can see the comparison of the Watches out currently at our "Smartwatch Comparison" database on our database page.