Canadian Samsung users going to get 6 months of Google Play Music All Access free

If you're a Samsung user in Canada it looks like you'll be getting some free time with Google Play Music's All Access.

+MobileSyrup is reporting that it's just for those using the Galaxy S6 (there's a Samsung Gifts app, I'm assuming there's a code to be redeemed from that), but when you go to Google Play Music page and hit the subscribe button:

#TryLGG4 Group Discussion on the G4 [Hangout On Air]

So, we've had a few of us in some of our closer circles get to be chosen to be one of the 35 in Canada who got to be in the #TryLGG4 user experience.

It's been about a month since the phones made it to the people, so I thought it was time we should get together to give our thoughts.

I arranged a Hangout On Air last night with +Daniel Allard+Darren Yung+Rob Blaich and +Sivan Rehan who have been putting the phone through its paces already for the past while.  If you've got a few minutes, it's worth a listen to hear each of our thoughts on the 4 areas of the phone:  Design, Camera, Software, Performance.

Canadian LG G4 to support PMA wireless charging

Dang it...

Got the official word today that the LG G4 will support PMA wireless charging if you get the appropriate sticker/backplate and charging pad.

Way back with the LG Nexus 4, it was my first taste of Qi charging, and I loved it.  Then came the LG Nexus 5, and it did as well.  The sister phone, the G2 didn't tho'.

When the LG G3 came out they mentioned it would have it with specific cases.  Canada never got those cases; and when I did order a Qi circle case, it wouldn't work.  Turns out for the Canadian G3 (model d852) it was only supporting PMA (so you'd have to get a PMA case, or chip for the battery case for it to work).  It was wholly annoying to find out that the charging circuit was more than just the receiver in the case plate.

Fast forward to now - it's been several weeks since the announcement of the G4 and I've been furiously asking anybody who's been willing to listen, or could have a chance of answering - "which form will the G4 support:  Qi or PMA?"

When I first received the phone they said that the case will be available in Canada, and that wireless charging would work with the accompanying charger, but they wouldn't say which format.

There were lots of XDA forums out there that was saying the G4 was Qi.  But I wasn't about to go and buy a bunch of accessories to find out I was in the same boat as last year.

Finally got word today that the G4 I have (the H812) will support PMA charging.  I'll have to go and get an appropriate PMA sticker, or PMA circle case for it to work tho' (and a PMA charger).

Dang it.

OnePlus 2 to have a fingerprint scanner

It's official - after the rumours some have seen of the leaked device, and guessed that the dimple was a fingerprint scanner, +OnePlus have come out and blogged specifically that the upcoming 2 will have a scanner.


[Review]Make the most of your phone's camera with Photojojo Lenses, Gradient Filters and Gorillapod

So, I've been given the LG G4 for the past while to review and part of what makes this phone so great is that it's not just a 'spec bump' from last year ... while some specs did increase, others just 'got better'.  Especially the camera.  Sure there was an increase from 13 to 16 megapixels, but the OIS got better (3 axis instead of 2), the colour spectrum sensor, DNG support, etc...

With a better camera now in my phone I really want to make the most of it.  As such, I've looked for some cool accessories, and what better place to look than +Photojojo - an absolute joy to deal with.

I've reviewed some of their toys last year and this year they've sent over some great accessories for me to play with:  Photjojo's Phone Lenses, Mobile Gorillapod, Dream Scope Filter Kit

Tim Hortons releases the Eh! Moji keyboard for Android

Last week Tim Hortons did something interesting on iOS, it released a keyboard called the Eh! Moji. This left Android users in the dark about this one.

[Review] Dell Venue 10" 7000 tablet

So, I had seen the tablet and immediately thought I should give it a try.

Since being able to test it out I've been really taken back by how much I actually am using it.  I have a laptop for work and I really don't like it... then again I don't really use it as a laptop because I have the docking station all set up.  I haven't liked laptops in a while.  Never really understood them.  I did buy several of those Asus eeePC devices way back, but that was at a point where I was using a Palm Pilot and knew I wanted something more 'mobile' to compute on... they never really hit the sweet spot for me and for the most part just sat unused.  They were cheap anyways.

When tablets were first really announced, I knew I wanted one.  I went out and bought the Transformer TF101. I waffled on buying the keyboard at the same time.  I regretted it ever since, and how much I probably would have liked tablets a lot more.

Since, there have been many tablets, and many keyboards, but not many that 'click' like it's supposed to.

With this Venue, it's what you expect, it makes the full experience so natural that it's really hard to imagine using a tablet in any other way.

Okay, let's talk about my 2 weeks with the Venue 7000 10" model.

10 reasons why I think everyone needs a tablet

With services the likes of Netflix, CraveTV, Shomi and all the other possibilities for watching content, tablets are perfect for watching content on the go. They provide enough viewing space two people to enjoy without being cumbersome.

In our 24-hour society a 9 to 5 job is becoming more and more of a myth. With a tablet you can achieve work faster and easier. You can work on items while you're commuting or even more so if you're sitting on the sofa, but, what if you attached a keyboard to it to become even more productive?

UK Huawei employee let's the Nexus word slip

You know what they say... "loose lips, sink ships".  And there's a Huawei employee in UK who's loose lips might not be getting his ships sunk, but he could be in some hot water as he's apparently talked to IBTimes and said the next Nexus is indeed from their camp.

That's a big no no... no matter how much we probably know in our 'heart of hearts' that a rumour is most likely true - an OEM just can't confirm those rumours until the official launch.  No matter how many times you pester them.

What do you think?  Is this the definitive word?  Are you looking forward to a new manufacturer in the Nexus community?

If past years are any indication, we won't find out until closer to Hallowe'en.

[Review] Siegefall is an EPIC Android game from Gameloft

Gameloft's Siegefall is smashing up my tablet with this latest release. The new title is going around the internet faster than you can blink and for good reasons. This tactical offensive, tower defense style of game is addictive and will have you on the edge of your seat.