Review - Pixel Buds A Series - saving $100

Weather's great out lately, and I'm loving being outside.  Whether biking, mowing the lawn or just hanging in the hammock, I'm outside, enjoying the sun and nearly always I'm listening to my music.

A good set of headphones is important, and as much as I do love an awesome 'over the ears' style, sometimes it's just more comfy to have tiny.

For me, my go to earbuds are my Pixel Buds 2 as they're perfect for my biking treks.  But they're $240CAD ... that's not something that EVERYBODY is willing to spend.  So, Google came out with the Pixel Bud A series - for just $139CAD.

To shave off that $100 there's got to be some sacrifices.  Right?

Not enough that you'd notice actually!

So, essentially, the buds are EXACTLY the same as the Pixel Buds 2.

Battery, same.

Design and case ... same.

Sound ... well I did find a slight reduction - but ever so minute between the 2.  I found the 2s just slightly more 'resonate' over the As.

You can single tap to play/pause on both.

You can double tap to skip on both, same as triple tap to previous on both.

You can even long press both to bring up the assistant - which is great to listen to notifications or reply to them.

What you are missing out is that you can't swipe on the buds to adjust volume, so you'll have to use your phone to do that (or my watch).

What you're also missing out is that the case doesn't have wireless charging, nor is the case water resistant.  So, be cautious - use a case to protect it.

One odd thing I noticed, and only because I've used all types of the Buds, that the interaction sounds are slightly different.  Hard to explain the sounds.  But sound when you hit for skip on the 2s was like a 'blip bLINK' ... a go forward sounding... whereas on the As it was more of a 'dokdok' ... essentially the sound that if you had increased volume to the max and couldn't go any further, like a 'rebound' type sound.

It's a minor thing absolutely, but just something I noticed.

Outside of that, it's the perfect pair.  Sure, you don't have wireless charging and you don't have volume, but you still get great battery life, Google Assistant help and if you're on a Pixel, just super simple set up.  Just open up the case and BLAM, connected to the phone and a simple process to go through.  [if you're not on a Pixel, you may want to use the Pixel Buds app]

super simple set up