UAG case for the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro

So, all the hullabaloo around Huawei, just know they really aren't going away.

And I loved the P30 Pro.  I felt like it's a bit of the pinnacle of the phones out there.  Just about everything you'd want in the phones.

Then I found out the glass isn't as good as the Gorilla Glass in other devices, and then found out the hard way how slippery the phone was.  And I've had lots of people approach me and tell me similar stories about theirs as well.

If you want the phone, you have to get a case for it.  Protect it.

UAG has you covered.

There is the Plasma Feather-Lite rugged that, like it says, feels rugged, but is also light in the hand.

There is the model for the P30, and for the P30 Pro


They're a little pricey at the $45 cost, but weigh that against the potential of having to pay a few hundred for a new screen or back glass.  Trust me, do not cheap out on it.

Installation is super simple.  Just fits over like a glove.

You'll notice there is a noticeable 'lip' over the edge, which is super helpful when putting it facedown so that nothing touches the glass.  However, you have to be cautious when you want to swipe down the notification shade.  I'm used to doing that from the corners, where there's more of a 'hood' there than in the middle.  Just gotta be conscious of it.

All your ports are still accessible and not super recessed to block at all.

I like the texture of the case and the way that the buttons feel different so that you know which is which on the side.  Very easy to push and click.

So, if you need to protect this phone, and I urge you again, you really REALLY do.  Get a good case.

Spend the few extra dollars over those cheapie, flimsy cases.  Get something that will put your mind at ease.

Now, I have the P30 (non-Pro) case available if there's someone out there who wants to win it. 

Go ahead and shoot me your request in the comments and I'll pick the best 'story'.

(rules are that you must be within Canada for me to ship it to you)