My new Huawei P30 Pro developed scratches way too easily

So, it's only been a couple days that I've taken my review unit out of the box and started to play with it.  I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.

Like any of my devices, and especially with review units, I baby the hell out of them.  Going into pockets without keys or coins... careful where it rests on coffee tables or other so it doesn't slide and fall.

So it was very disheartening to take it out of an inside lined pocket of my jacket to notice 3 abrasions on the screen.  2 of them are micro, but noticeable.

The 3rd is definitely deeper and wider.  They're all in a line, so it would suggest that sliding it in or out of a pocket might have caused it, but none of the pants I was wearing had any rivets or anything.

It's sad that in any of my devices, I treat them all the same, and haven't had anything like this (tho' if I recall, I think the Mate 20 Pro had a similar issue).  I've had my Pixel 3 XL for MONTHS and nothing.

The Huawei lasted only a couple of days.

Now it's all I can see.

I know, I should have put a screen protector on it... but, my experience has always been good with other glass... sigh.