Watch Google launch their new 'stuff' online Tuesday October 9

So, the Pixel 2 has been an absolute hit.  My friends who have bought one, love to flash 'the panda' at each other.

If you haven't heard, Google's set to launch the next Pixel soon.  And, well, I haven't talked about it much on here for 2 reasons:  a) I'm not big on rumours, usually don't cover them; b) EVERYBODY ELSE has been flooding the streams with leaks and photos etc... so didn't need to duplicate what else was already there.

If you're as excited as I am (yippeee... Qi charging!) you can watch their launch of the new "Made by Google" products online:

Google Announcement Live Stream
Who: Google
When: October 9, 2018
Time: 11 a.m. ET
Where: Watch here

Last year's stuff:
 - Pixel 2:  A-MAY-ZING
 - Pixelbuds: sweet!
 - Pixelbook: you can't pry that out of my hands
 - Google Home Max: wowza