Need a tiny portable power plug that packs a punch?

I'm sitting at the airport today and my talet here is startig to get low so I need to plug it in.  Today was a quick flight, fly in, fly out, and lots of walking around, so I needed to travel light.

Today's space saving, battery topping device is the Scosche PowerVolt PD30.  

I know, you're saying, "...but Ryan, you just reviewed a tiny charger called the PowerVolt PD30.  Yes, that was was for the car tho'.  This is similar, just running on AC.

I often have more chances to plug in my phone to AC than a cigarette lighter...

At just a tiny little package it can punch out 30W of PD power, good enough to power my Pixelbook or juice up this tablet as I'm waiting for my plane to be called (please don't be delayed).

It's a case of another job of "it does what it says on the tin" and does so at a decent price ($25USD) and the small size is really super convenient.

And aside from being easier on the backpack I'm carrying it's actually pushing out true PowerDelivery.  My phone topped up quickly and my tablet here is slowly creeping up (which is a big deal as it's a big battery).

I do wish that the form factor would have allowed it to have the prongs 'retractable', like the Nomad model I reviewed, except that it's ore than double the price and almost double the size.  

Short trips, I like smaller.

All you need is to pair it up with a good cable (the Scosche StrikeLine offers a good option - it definitely gives me more room to plug in and have to not be so close to a plug in).

You can never have too many power options as I really get that 'battery anxiety' walking around downtown and watching my battery drop (especially, as it's a really hot day and I was using the camera a lot)