Connecting your device - Scosche has a StrikeLine cable for that

Batteries are pretty good in phones these days, but you still need to plop it in to charge now and again.  And not every time can be done via Qi, sometimes you really need to charge and for that you'll want to have a good cable that can deliver true PD levels of quickcharge.

Scosche has the StrikeLine Premium cables just for that.

I had just plunked in the PowerVolt PD30 into my wife's car and it needed a good cable (the old QC3.0 charger she was using was USB-A port).  So, I grabbed this cord.

Not only is it fairly inexpensive ($18USD) but for that price it'll delivery true PD and it's braided for better flexibility/durability, as well as some Aluminum collars to protect it from more abuse.  I can't tell you the number of cables we've gone through in our house because either repeated plugging/unplugging the metal collar just falls off (poor glue) or the cheap rubber/plastic casing lets the cord bend in a bad way and ruins the cable.

To top if off, it's perfect for the use in the car as it's only 4' worth of cable, so not one super long one I have to worry about wrapping or coiling so it'll get caught under the seat, in a car you're never too far away so you don't need a long option.

Tho', if you did want 10' it'll run you $30USD (so not quite double for 2.5x length).

Connect the cord up to the PD charger and it's doing exactly as it says on the tin.  The phone was rapidly charging and I could put it in the console without worrying about bending or ruining the cable.

Love it when something is simple and easy.