PowerVolt PD30 is a teeny tiny charger by Scosche that packs a punch

Having charging in your car is a nice option to make sure you're topped up as you go from point A to B.  Or maybe you're on some great Canadian Road Trip and want to make sure your phone is charged when you take photos of those great roadside attractions.

Previously, I've shared with you the Orico which is good if you've got a lot of devices to charge, but if you've got a smaller vehicle or just yourself, it can be overkill.

Let me introduce you to the PowerVolt PD30 from Scosche.  

This little beauty is just ideal for that situation.

Providing full USB-C PD at 30W, this little charger not only powers your device as best it can, it does so in as little impact as possible to you.

In fact, with it not plugged into anything, you could even still put the cover cap over it in my wife's little Elantra.

Now, being that small means it might be hard to pull out again, that's why they put a little fabric loop for you to grasp and easily yank it out, if you ever needed to.

Another one of those "does what it says on the tin" kind of accessories that works very well.

At $25USD it's a little more expensive than some of the no name brands you'll get, but I've been very happy with Scosche and this minimal design warrants it for this specific use case... plus it's doling out full USB-C PD charging speeds.