Nomad has a perfect 65W USB-C travel buddy

This review item came at JUST the right time for me.  I had an opportunity for a last minute work travel trip so I hastily packed and was on my way.

Is it wrong that when I go on a trip like that, almost as much care/space is dedicated to my tech than clothing and the rest?

When I go, I bring both phones (work iPhone and Pixel 6), a laptop, and of course a tablet.  Then each phone has a wireless earbud to be used (Pixel Buds 2 and I use the EPOS for my iPhone), plus the tablet too (using the Huawei Freebuds) ... and maybe a set of headphones for the laptop.

So everything there (8 items) but the iPhone uses USB-C to charge.  I always tend to have enough cables, but taking 8 chargers is a pain.  Luckily Nomad just came out with a dual USB-C wall charger.

While working in the hotel room I can easily plug this little bad boy into a plug and work on the laptop and charge my phone at the same time (or my many portable batteries that I also bring on the trip).

The device isn't just a double header for charging, but it's delivering a full 65W, at full peak it can do 45W in one and 20W in the other.  Meaning it's enough for me to plug in my laptop and charge (not getting that "slow charger connected" notification.  

If you use only one, it's pumping the full 65W into that device 

And it's small enough with the retractable plug that it EASILY fits in my carry on without any more bulging out of tech.

It's $69USD, which is expensive, but to find something with same the same power outage and a brand that we know and trust.  Like, I love all my Nomad cables, and rely on the base chargers at my office and in my work at home office.

If you travel a fair bit, this is the perfect travel companion to pop out and use as needed.