Darksiders III - Fury's got a whip!

Darksiders III is a cool 360 fighting game like 2, but despite being newer and having better graphics (more fluid, more comic like), I like the more intuitiveness of the perspective. 

I found 2 to be a little 'crowded' whereas 3 you have more room to move around and see your baddies as you mash away at the buttons.

I'm a little early still in the game, but it's fun nonetheless.

There I am up to the first boss fight, getting used to the controls for the hero... Fury, the last of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse we've seen in the series.

We saw Death in 2... War and Strife in Genesis ... not sure if there's a 1 as Genesis seemed like a prequel.  Not that you really need to know the story of the series.

Fury is sent to Earth to collect the 7 'deadly sins' (like Incarnations) and send them back to the council.

Pretty cool fighting style and her whip really reminds me of the one in Prince of Persia: Two Thrones.

So far it's pretty fun with just me getting used to the swing - it doesn't seem to always recognize when I'm supposed to, and if you fall, unlike with Death, who just comes back to life at the ledge, Fury loses a good amount of health if you 'die'.

I'll be playing some more of this as I just finished up with Doom, and I've got a few days left of holidays before I'm back to work!

The game will be part of the free pack in the January games if you don't want to shell out for it now.