Checking out Darksiders 2 on Stadia

Ooh, I liked this game.  The keyboard+mouse option on my Chromebook was hard as to 'go back' you needed to use F1, but that's not easy on a Chromebook, even with an external keyboard that has the button.

Death kinda reminds me of Lobo... or a mix of Lobo and Casey Jones.

The game play was good, a little jittery, and would have liked it if we could pull out the camera view a bit to get a wider range of vision as sometimes the battles felt a little 'close quartered'.

But, it's a decent puzzle game, reminiscent of Prince of Persia or Legacy of Kain, gotta find ways to jump around in the right ways to make it where you want to.

Playing later with the controller was definitely way easier.

Just love playing as Death.  He's always been an interesting character around in different books and whatnot for me (those Piers Anthony 'fates' books were awesome).