Nomad's upped their PowerBase - Base Station Pro up for pre-order

A while back I had reviewed Nomad's Base Station, and it's great.  I really REALLY have converted to Qi charging and it's the only way for me.  Having a dual station by my bed is great for both my phones.  But, I also now have the Pixel Buds (2020) which uses Qi charging as well, so it would be nice to have a third.  I get by because the station had a USB output to plug in my buds as well as my watch.

Nomad is having none of that... seeing multiple phones and watches and earbuds, they realized we needed more and came up with the Base Station Pro which has 3 charging 'spots' on the same platform.  

It utilizes something called FreePower™ which helps distribute power and place the coil in the right spot by having actually 18 coils underneath and determining which is the most appropriate to fire up.

AWESOME.  Absolutely hate having to shift my phone or buds case around to find just the right location on the pad.  

There's even an app for your desktop / laptop to update the software for it.

Now, does it still have the USB outputs for my watch? Sadly no... so I'll keep the original on my night stand and this will live next to my computer.  Or the coffee table?  Options.

Up for preorder now for $230USD shipping out in September.