Need a case for your Pixel 4a - check out Catalyst

Those of you who know me, know I was a hard-sell on cases for phones.  But, a couple scratches and one shattered phone later and I'm a believer.  But it's got to be the right case for it.

I do like these ones from Catalyst.  They tend to be pretty protective.  Here's their one for the Pixel 4a.

A little on the pricier side at $60CDN.

I like the impact look of it.  Even comes with a little wrist strap lanyard.

So it is pricier, but the impact option on it is really good.  It feels really secure.

The downside is it is a little bulkier than other models of Catalyst I've used in the past.  It's not heavier, but what I've found is that the 'wells' they create for the ports are deeper.

The fingerprint sensor isn't bad, and it does ensure you get your finger right in there.  

Luckily most of the headphone devices can fit, but definitely not my AIAIAI headphone cord.  Too big to fit in the well.

Same with the Nomad USB-C cable I use.

Just something to be cautious of.

It's great protection, but make sure with this one you've got equipment that'll fit in the port wells.