A new Kickstarter wants you to have a 'SuperTank' of power made portable

Okay, I love being portable ... taking my devices on the go, finding a coffee shop to do some work.  But I need to be able to keep my devices charged all the time.  I like taking my Tab S4 or my Pixelbook ... over the Asus Zenbook 14 (which I loved), they can charge via USB-C and portable chargers are easy to find.

I did like my Scout and it's in my bag right at this moment.  So handy.

But what if I want more punch?  I have more devices with more USB-C charging and requiring PD ... so faster charging.

Well, here's SUPERTank - a new Kickstarter project that amps (heh, puns) everything up.

Right now, the Kickstarter has an early bird of $89USD to get the 'tank' which has:

  • Full Speed Charging for latest Devices
  • 1-hour Recharge 27,000 mAh
  • Dual USB-C Ports charge two Laptops
  • Four USB Outputs
  • Extremely Durable
  • X-charge Low-Power Charging mode
  • USP Mode with pass-through Charging
  • Multi-Protection Safety System

So having dual USB-C outputs at full PD is great and will meet my needs to charge what I have in my bag (my poor work iPhone can use the USB ports) - and getting it at a nice high output means that while you're charging on the go it won't take long to get it to a comfortable spot.

Plus, not having to look for wall plugs are is just awesome.  Hate those "excuse me, can I just ..." people hunting for a bit of juice.  Bring your own!  And with 27,000mAh you can use it a lot without having to take it back home and recharge it.

As my son has a Switch, I have the Pixelbook, both my wife and I have Pixel 3s ... having something deliver PD is important.

This should be a good pick.