Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 vs. Google Pixel Slate

Recently, I had given you my thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, and while I still had it in-house, I received the Google Pixel Slate.  I haven't had too much time with the Slate, but I thought while there was some overlap, I'd give you my quick thoughts on the differences between the 2.

So, first up, they're both expensive.  Both offer A LOT to their user, just in different ways.  It really takes understanding your own personal use and what you want out of it.

For a quick rundown of what each offer here's a chart I drafted up that you can see in my video above:

Essentially, it boils down to the fact that the Slate feels like a laptop/chromebook downed a bit to feel like a tablet.  Whereas the Tab is a tablet upped a bit to feel like a chromebook.

If you're choosing between either of these, you're going to spend a fair bit of money, so you want to make sure it aligns with your own purposes.

Happy Android'ing!