Asus announces Chromebook Flip (C434)

Now yesterday I showed you how Asus had a new line up of Chromebooks for education.  They tend to be pretty tame options.

They also showed off a 'non-education' line (I mean I guess you could use it for education) - the Chromebook Flip (model C434) which is an upgrade of their C302.

When I reviewed their 423, I was a little saddened by the non-360 hinge, but I'd be interested in this full 360 hinge (even if I'm not a fan of that kind of thing, just not going all the way kinda bugged me)

As per most CES style releasings it's of things to come, so details such as WHEN it'll be available and for how much are limited.  Just know it's 'in the coming months'.  See the press release below for more information.