Asus announces new line up of Chromebooks for Education

There are a lot of 'rituals' this time of year.  Holidays, hanging stockings, lots of family feasts, vowing to go to the gym to get rid of the 'holiday 15', putting decorations away, trying to fit the tree back in the box that seems to have shrunk ...

For tech folks, aside from trying to help all the relatives and friends set up their new toys, it's CES TIME!!  Every year I vow that I'm going to try to go next year.

All the OEMs are announcing their new toys.

The official CES doesn't start until next week but some of the folks are already launching.  For example, Asus has a new line up of Chromebooks for the world to view at the event.  These are specifically targeting 'education', which is great.  Google and Chromebooks are great for education and a cost effective method to introduce new opportunities for students.

·         ASUS Chromebook Tablet CT100: The first tablet running the secure, reliable Chrome OS from Asus, with tough all-round protection and a stunning 9.7’’ QXGA touchscreen.
·         ASUS Chromebook C204: A 11.6 inch clamshell Chromebook that features classroom-ready durability, school day-long battery life, and compact size.
·         ASUS Chromebook Flip C214: A 11.6-inch ruggedized convertible Chromebook that empowers innovative and flexible learning with 360° hinge built-in stylus, and world-facing camera.
·         ASUS Chromebook C403: A 14-inch clamshell Chromebook that combines big-screen productivity with classroom-ready toughness. Its ergonomic keyboard let things done in total comfort

Interesting to see Asus with a true 'tablet', we haven't seen one of those for a while from them.

Next is a generic model, then the same but with a 360° hinge and then one with a larger screen.

I can see how they'd be useful in a variety of means for classroom settings.  My son's class is seeing more coding and race car type activities and less iPads and more Chromebooks.  Very cool.

I think these are great for schools and even noticing my son getting ready for his homework by working on Docs and saving files on a USB key... man, I didn't start doing that until like University.