You want Gemini? We can now get the app in Canada!

So a while back we finally were able to get access to the Gemini page in Canada, but no app access.

Then, we were able to get a glimpse by including Gemini in our Messages app.  Saved us from having to go to the website when we wanted to 'chat' with our Google AI.

Well, over the last weekend, I noticed that the Gemini app was now installable for me.

Once installed you now have the direct app to go in and chat with your pal Gemini and get assistance.  Now, you can also switch from Google Assistant to Gemini.

There are some 'pluses and minuses' to each.  Luckily, it's a simple switch back.  So far I haven't experienced any of those issues others have.  Assistant is really geared to that 'home automation' - at least in my opinion - so Gemini not being able to could be an issue.  But, I have asked Gemini to turn off lights and it's been fine, even asking how much time was left on the clothes dryer.

Much of what I do for 'automations' with Assistant, I do through the Home app to set up, and then I use the displays/minis to use, so not on my phone.

But, we'll give it a try and see if anything causes me to switch back.

In the meantime, I'm glad Canada gets some Googley attention!