Bard - Gemini now in Canada

A site I had bookmarked and checked it almost daily...

I was always sad to see "it's not yet available in your country", and I was relegated to using ChatGPT for my daily queries.

Now, Google just officially renamed Bard to Gemini, and redirects you over to

And... best of all... it works in Canada

This is pretty awesome.  I use AI daily (never for writing these posts, I promised you that); but those menial things.  I'm constantly unsure how to do some spreadsheet magic and ChatGPT is helping me out - instead of searching furiously, I can just ask for the formula.

Looking forward to seeing how Gemini manages my workload, and how much it will learn about me specifically.

Now, the corresponding app for Gemini is still just US at the moment, but most of our services (Photos, Drive, Gmail, etc...) will have Gemini 'built in'.

Which do you prefer? Gemini or ChatGPT?