Gemini in Google Messages is here... kinda

Okay, maybe it's because I don't have a Pixel 8 Pro with the on-board AI module, but since the Pixel launch they talked about the new AI, now called Gemini (was Bard), going to have a home in your Google Messages.  The screenshots I had seen originally was that it would be used IN messages, like specific text messages, giving you prompts on responses... like a super 'Smart Reply'.

... it was then announced that other Pixels would get this update in coming months, and I've finally gotten the notice:

Google Messages gave me a notification

So I've got it now

Here's me interacting with Gemini for drafting a text message

So, you can see that it's not so much a help on the prompt in your conversations, rather, it's its own conversation for you to chat with like some support bot.  I get it, just I do have the site bookmarked for me to do any Gemini prompting and work, so this seems like the exact same thing from that.

Which, sure... we don't have access to the app yet.

And I'm not sure I want the app specifically, as the trade off for Assistant might be a balance of what I'd gain/lose.

But, for now, we have a spot in Messages where we can 'text' with Gemini to help us with AI work - I just wish it was 'tighter' with the Messages so it could text... instead of me having to copy its reply and then go to the message it's relevant to and then paste.