Google's got goodies on for Pixel 8 on Jan 25

Just in time for me to celebrate Burns Day (do you have your 'neeps and tatties'?)

The latest from Google to hit the Pixel lines will help enhance your enjoyability of the device.

The update should 'start rolling out' today (Jan 25th), but it may be a bit for it hits your specific device.

A new colour option - Minty Fresh.

In Canada it'll only be available for the 8 (unfortunately not the Pro).  But it is an 'eye catching' green.

Circle to Search

We saw this with the launch of the Galaxy S24, and it'll be on our Pixels as well.


I'm not a big emoji guy, but getting to include myself in a shot and easily just have my face and not the background without having to go through editing in the photos app is pretty fun.

Magic Compose

Originally, this was to be an 8 Pro exclusive, so I'm excited to see if the 8s will get it.

[USA ONLY] Thermometer app

Yeah, if we were in the States, 8 Pro users could take their temperature.  So much is left out going north of the 49th.  Like, when will we get Bard (would have been good for Burns night... the 'immortal Bard').

Quick Share

The change over from Nearby Share to Quick Share will take place with this update.

Pixel Buds Pro Audio Switching

Got Pixels Buds Pro (yup) and other Pixel Devices (a few) - you can switch between the devices apparently seamlessly.


Did you get the update yet?  Do you see the new features?