Google (and Samsung's) new Circle Search

Okay, I won't even make a comment about what that may or may not sound like something else... but, this new way to search feels VERY familiar, with just a new twist.

Today, at the Unpacked event, Google came on stage to talk about how Samsung's new S24 line up will include Circle Search - a way to get searching contextually about what's on your screen.

I can do that now with my Pixel.  I swipe up from navigation to bring up cardview, and then I can use Lens or select and then search.

But, this is new... Circle Search (I'm assuming they're taking the suggestion from on Samsung the default navigation is still the old circle for home style), you hold on that home button (or just the navigation bar if you're using gesture navigation) and you then can search for something on the screen by circling (the other reason for 'circle') or scribbling over the item you're interested to know more about.

You can do this on a website, a social media post, or even by doing it on a video it pauses the video for you to search that frame.  Oh, and even will do text recognition.

Here's where it differs.  Aside from having to go into cardview, so it's already easier, the results pop up just like a card stack in front of what you're viewing instead of going to an entirely new screen for your results.  The comment they kept referring to was "to not disrupt your flow".  Which makes sense.

This feels so "Google Now" - long pressing the home, the card view feels old school as well.

This isn't just coming to Samsung, but on January 31st, it'll hit the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro as well.