Scosche's Hammerhead - Be kind and share a charging cord

So, I'm somewhat known as 'the charging guy's, whenever someone in a group is looking for some battery there's the "does anyone have a charger" call - and everybody looks to me.

Inevitably there's a "oh, you just have for a Samsung, right" ... (how are we still differentiating phones by only 2 manufacturers?)

Well, in my vehicle I usually keep a lightning cord handy (because trying to explain Qi charging to an iUser is still somewhat difficult and they don't believe it).

And now, with the Scosche StrikeLine Hammerhead ($40) charging cord, I can eliminate it to just 1 cord when needed.

The Hamerhead is a USB-C to a T shaped plug - one side has USB-C and the other has lightning.

I've had 'multiport' charging cords before (Smartish / Nomad), but those tended to have 'adapters' on the end that you have to put on and remove, which could easily become loose and not have ea great fit, or have to worry about fitting on with the right orientation.

The Hammerhead fixes those problems by just having them both permanently there and ready available.  The T shape never 'conflicts' or gets in the way of plugging in that I've ever run into.

I posted the question in the video about being able charge 2 devices at the same time (might be pretty crowded).  Turns out - no.

There's a little metal piece that sticks out on one side or the other depending on which way you've connected (I.e. use the USB-C side and it'll push the metal to the lightning side) preventing use on the other side.

It makes sense, you'd want to prevent 2 at one for electricity needs.

it's such a handy charging cord, and it's 4ft (decent length) and is braided for that sense of security in its durability.

Check it out.