MagicRing Kit from Scosche lets any phone be be MagSafe

I've got to give credit where credit is due.  Wireless charging is great, but until the iPhone decided to support it, accessories weren't as far reaching.  And then they added in MagSafe, which just adds magnets to it - and simple as it is, I actually like it.  There are a bunch of stands and mounts with those magnets in there, but to take advantage of it you had to have one of those MagSafe cases.

Not so much anymore as there are a few folks out there that have realized, it's just 'magnets'.  Nothing fancy.  So Scosche (who's making some really quality accessories lately), makes their version - MagicRing, which they also have a few mounts and stands, one of which I use daily, and when I got my new phone, not having that ring on it was sadly missed.  So I had to get some of just the MagicRing 'patches' they have for $25.  For which, you get a pad and a ring.

And now I'm a happy camper again.

Yes, I should have used the alcohol wipe to clean off my case, but it's been a couple days and it's still holding very strongly.

Take your time to make sure you're putting it in the right spot, tho'.  If you don't have your phone on that 'guide' it comes with, use some painters tape to try putting it on your phone temporarily to find the right spot before taking off the sticky tape.