Scosche's Pro Charge5 has changed my mind on vehicle Qi

I've never been a big fan of vehicle 'stands' or mounts.  Let alone the legal issue of where to connect that some jurisdictions have.

Most of them not only have trouble sticking to the dash, but the phone itself wouldn't stay put in the stand - always opting to fall at the most inopportune time.

So, when I got the new MagicMount™ Pro Charge5 I was skeptical.

You can see that it has the telltale iPhone MagSafe ring, meaning if you have a compatible iPhone it'll connect securely. 

It also has a magicmount spot for its own neodymium magnets that you can put on any phone to help hold it in place.

What I ended up doing was using the extra 'ring' from the Scosche BoomBottle.  I put that on the back of my phone - as I'd noticed in the past that sometimes a piece of metal can sometimes interfere with my Pixel Stand 2..

And I was surprised (they didn't have a Pixel guide, but I guessed and tested with a piece of tape to hold it down before doing the actual sticker).

So, the little ring is very low profile and then connects to the magnet on the mount very easily.  The little plate and the magnets are VERY strong, meaning there's a little give and take/movement with the mount when you take it off.  But I was concerned the ring being so easily put on and off that it might not be so good on the roads (especially seeing as it's pothole season).

But that was where I was wrong.  It's not a STRONG attraction with the ring, but because there's a few - it more than compensates.

Wait, am I liking MagSafe???


Anyways, so I now have it connected to the ring.  Now I need to connect the mount to my ar.

I don't have a lot of available dashboard space (and most is that weird texture that I feel may compromise the adhesive). I also didn't want to put it on the top of the dash and potentially 'obstruct my view', so I opted to try the vent clip.

That always seemed pretty weak in my mind.

But, it worked.

The only downside for my vent is the space where I connected it and the distance to where the cable is and protrudes into the vent is not quite optimal.

This is where I wish that instead of that pre-connected kind of barrel connector that it could have been a microUSB port on the bottom of the mount (or the back).  The vent option is a little too close, but the sticker option gives it some distance (I just couldn't find a place to stick it, even tho it's a tiny little bit of real estate).

The cord goes down to the plug in and it uses a barrel connector there.

no judgement on my dirty van floor

The bonus is the adapter that goes into the lighter plug is that it also has a USB-C port for other charging if you need it.

Now, the cord is still dangling down, but they actually provide a couple cable clips you can stick to your console to help keep those in check.

As I said, I'm turned around on it.  I thought the magnetic ring wouldn't hold, or the vent pincher wouldn't be strong enough - but in our terrible pot-hole season we have, it's been great for over a week!

Great buy!