Hands on with Nomad's 2 slim USB-C chargers

Recently, Nomad announced 2 new slim chargers, and I was able to get my hands on each of them.

As the devices, they do seem a bit on the pricier side.  $35USD will get you the single 35W chargers and then there's the $65USD for the dual port 65W charger.  So you're paying about $1USD/W.  It's about proper for a similar Scosche product I reviewed.  Whereas its $50CDN (about $35USD) is dual but still caps at the 35W.

This dual model will do up to 65W (mind you, the blue port will cap out at 40W and the other port at 25W)... although almost double the price.

But ultimately, the attractive factor for Nomad's offering is how slim they are.  I heard slim, but yeah, from the hands on you can definitely see how small they are.  Perfect for that carry-on size backpack.

Aside from that, this is pretty much what you'd expect.  It's slim, it's easy to fit in the bag and not bulge out in the bag.  The connectors are simple and easy.  I wish it had some marking on the 'face' of it, when it's plugged in the wall to know which is the 45W output and which isn't (not that I'm really clamouring for that extra 25W ever).   Just as it's still new, I've not memorized so have to have that quick glance in it to see the inner lining of the port to know which should be for my Pixelbook than just my phone or watch charger.

Source:  https://nomadgoods.com/products/ac-adapter-35w-usb-c-slim