Scosche's PowerVolt PD35 is a great wall USB-C charger

So, if you're heading out for a nice road trip or last minute outing before back to that regular grind of fall, one of the first things I think about packing is charging.

Depending on the length of time I'm gone and where I'm going, I'm either packing a bunch of portable chargers or wall chargers.  I have a bunch of great portable chargers, but if I can get access to an outlet I like to bring something to plug in.

Today, I got the new Scosche PowerVolt PD35 ($50CDN).

The little wall charger is a plus for me as to start it comes with a dual port.  I love being able to bring something that has multiple usages for the same space.

With this charger (which also has the advantage of foldable prongs) it is a little smaller than other dual models I have where that trade off of being smaller is that it does top out at 35W of charging power.  Enough for a rapid charge of one device, but with 2 it'll adapt how much power to use between the both connections (whichever one is requiring more).

The plugs are on the 'bottom' of the charger.  So if you're using it for charging it on the road, meaning you most likely will find a wall plug, it's going to be easy to plug it in so the cords are facing upwards so that the cords don't have to bend around.

But at the home you may use a power strip or something and then you can only use it at the 'end' otherwise it would end up blocking other outlets.

Overall, it's a bit on the pricy side for a charger, especially with only 35W of power, but you do have to take into account how super convenient it is for its size!