Nomad launches 2 new slim USB-C chargers

I just love having chargers with me... I have that sort of fear that my battery should never get below like 70%.  So almost any and every bag I carry around for a day has a charger and a cord and a portable battery - ya never know.

I've liked the charger ports that have the fold up AC prongs on it that fold away.  Nomad just stepped up the game in this with 2 brand new SLIM chargers.  One with 2 ports (what I'd prefer) and one with just 1 (so just a little smaller).

In our quest to bring ever more compact and powerful USBC GaN chargers, we have two new models coming your way. The 65W and 35W Slim Adapters.

Both adapters feature collapsible US style prongs, are meant to lay flat, and are perfect for those tight spaces like behind a desk, dresser, or bed. 

65W Details:

Designed with GaN technology, 65W Slim Power Adapter effortlessly charges all your devices from the slimmest possible body. Its remarkably slim design fits in even the tightest space. 

  • 65W Power Output

  • Dual USB-C PD Ports

  • ProCharge Power Philosophy

    • Each port offers 65W power when used on its own

    • With both ports in use, high-speed left port delivers 45W and right port delivers 20W

    • 100-240V 50/60 Hz input (1.25A)

  • Flip out prongs

35W Details:

35W Slim Power Adapter effortlessly fast charges your iPhone and other devices with a whopping 35W of power and is shuckingly slim

  • 35W Power Output

  • USB-C PD

  • Built with GaN technology

  • Ultra-slim design

  • Flip out prongs

  • 71.0mm x 41mm x 13.8mm (excluding prongs)