Checking out the Pixel 8 Magic Editor

So, over a year ago we got to see the Magic Eraser brought out, but with Google jamming AI into everything, they are improving the photo editor with Google Photos to make a 'Magic Editor'.

Essentially, there's a fancy new icon when you go to edit a photo now.

It will look like the Magic Eraser we've seen before (and that option is still there) where you can circle and tap around for it to recognize items in the screen.

The big feature here is that you can highlight an item (like me in the photo) and long press it to move the item around, shrink or expand it.

It will take a few seconds to process, but then it gives you a bunch of options to see how it best figured out how to accommodate that change.

Now, the Pixel 8 is a bit slow I've noticed when doing this bit.  I'm hoping the 8 Pro, as it's got more AI / machine learning built into it on board that it might be a bit quicker on the hop here.

But we can't be all unimpressed here.  This is doing some awesome 'magic' that we've not really seen in a phone before.

So cool.  Trick here is now to find the proper use cases... making it more tool than novelty (tho it will be fun to play with a fair bit).