Trying out the Magic Eraser on the new Pixel

For those of you who've ever done any sort of photo editing at some point - you may have run into a 'content aware' fill mode, or a 'patch / repair' mode.  They've even got some style of it within Snapseed, which was my usual go to for those kinds of repairs on photos.

Well, with the new Pixel, you can use the magic eraser feature to do that kind of work on any photo.

Neat thing is it doesn't have to just be a photo taken with the 6, it could be any photo you have loaded on, and it'll apply some magic.

When you load up a picture, if there's something overtly apparent to the chip, it'll automatically suggest the Magic Eraser as a fix, else, you'll just have to swipe over to the option.

Bring up the Magic Eraser and it'll do its own quick scan of the scene and highlight some items it thinks should disappear.  That's neat.

You can accept those or just start to draw your own circles and outlines of items and it'll apply it's magic to make it disappear.

It's not perfect, obviously, but for 99% of the time for 99% of the people it'll be fine enough.

It's a fun little tool to be honest.