Scosche has some new speakers for your spring-summer outings

Now, I live in the great northwest corner of Ontario.  Even tho' we've had the opportunity to hit double digits (Celsius), we're still undergoing some freezing rain today - but spring *IS* coming I've been told.  

I was getting my bike out of the garage the other day, giving it a clean and some TLC before I get it ready for the season.  Can't wait.  I just love to get out and bike and bring my tunes with me.  Not just biking but there are plenty of things to start to think about with spring on our heels.  Hiking, picnics, camping... so ready for all of it.

Now, to bring my tunes with me to all of those outings I usually just have my Pixel Buds Pro - but that's just when the music is for me.  What about those group options where maybe I want to share that music.  Well, Sosche has the new BoomCan and a BoomBottle speaker just for those.

The big attraction for this year's version of their speakers is the inclusion of MagSafe compatible connectivity - meaning also for their magic mount users as well.

As a non magsafe user, I'll have to settle for either their adapter to put a ring on my phone so that it sticks, or just live with it not sticking to it.  I do like that magnets are ... well, magnets and you can use it to stick to just about anything regardless if it has that Apple doohickey or not.

Another bonus feature is that they are using USB-C to charge (love seeing more adopt this plus), so the chargers I have laying about anywhere - plus it comes with a C-C cord, and it's always great to have spares of those around.

Also, both models can be set up to be paired as stereo speakers if you get 2 of the same.

First up, let's talk about the Can... It runs at $49.99CDN

It's a puck sized little speaker, so I love the profile.  It is meant to stick to the back of a phone and then be kinda used like a kickstand.  Neat.  But I'd love to just stick it to the side of a fridge, or a metal cooler or the van if I'm out and about.

It's simplistic and has just the one button to press.

Hold it for about 3 seconds to turn on or off (I did have some difficulty with it recognizing to turn off).  First time it's on it'll put itself into pairing mode and it's super simple for any device to do that in short order.

Hold it for 10 seconds to put it into pairing mode again if you want another device to connect to it.

Pretty straight forward.  There's no volume button to worry about, just control on your device.

Sound quality is decent, especially for something so small, but not a lot of 'bass' to it tho'.

It should last you about 5 hours of play time. 

Now, for the Bottle (retailing for $149.99CDN) - not only does it have dual speakers and a bit more oomf to it than the can, but it's got a couple of tricks up its sleeve.

Chiefly among them is that it has a notch for you to use it as a bottle opener.

I'm more of a can guy, but good to have one handy always.

With more space it has more buttons as well, which are available via the rubberized side, but you can pull it out to see the actual buttons.

You've got your standard volume +/- sandwiching the multi-fuction button, for power/play/pause etc... Like the can you can use it to set it in pairing mode and more.

It even has a 1/8" stereo input jack if you have something that still uses that kind of connection. :)

Even better, I like that it has a battery level indicator on it.

With the Can model you would have to check your phone's BT connection for it to tell you how much approximate time would be left.

The Bottle model should last about 12 hours.  I kinda wish with that battery pack that you could have used the device as a backup battery charger too.. c'est la vie.

This definitely has some nice bass to it and decent sound.  

The bottom even has a 1/4" screw if you want to mount it instead of the magnets (if you don't have something metal to connect it to).

The magnets on either were enough to have them stick to to some of my venting upside down, so they have some strength there that you shouldn't be worried.

What I'm looking forward to is putting the BoomBottle in my bike's bottle holder and taking it with me for easy music (not that I'd play music while I bike on a speaker... that'd be a bit rude to people around me) - as it's the right fit.

Maybe these will be the right fit for you as well.

Check 'em out!