You now have 2 'flavours' of the Chromecast with Google TV

I wrote a while back how much I love the Chromecast with Google TV - as a way to make your 'dumb TV' smart. And now, instead of just the $70CDN 4K model, you can get just an HD model for just $40CDN.

Why... might you ask?  Well, what if you're like me and just never got around to getting a 4K TV yet (I just don't watch too much of it to care tbh).  So folks like me, paying $70 for something that I won't use, I wouldn't mind saving $30...

I literally live by this device now in our house - as much as we used Chromecast in the past for our house - using a remote really is a WAAAY better experience.

And now, you have options depending on which type of TV you'll be plugging it into.