Chromecast with Google TV - easy way to smarten your dumb TV

I love streaming.  During lockdown there wasn't much else to do but watch some TV.  We had cut cable long ago, so we used our Android Box or the Roku.  The Roku was way easier to use... but I think I just found something that really puts it to shame interms of simplicity.

The Chromecast with Google TV.

Sure, I've had a Chromecast for a while, and it is simple.  Have something on your phone, blam, cast it's there on the TV.  Except, I need that app to cast... and sometimes I'd found that when I queued up a bunch of YT clips to watch, when I go back to my phone - it's saying it's not casting any more.  Little quirks, but definitely liveable.

With the Chromecast with Google TV, no more quirks, just an easy intuitive operation, all for just $69.99CAD.

Now, let's just get something out of the way first.  If you've been around the Google world as long as I have, you'll recognize Google TV as the old "Logitech Revue" (which used the Google TV) .. I liked that thing.  A bit clunky by today's standards.

From there, Google abandoned that and came up with Android TV, and I had picked up the Nexus Player.

The interface from the Nexus Player and the controller are very similar too.

So I was so happy to try this out.  See how the simple add of a controller makes it a whole new experience.

It plugs in just like a Chromecast, just slightly larger, and the USB plug in it'll need can't be just from the back of the TV port like a CC, you'll need to use the wall plug for this.

Now, when thinking of how to plug in the new CC, I don't think there's an option for 'black' (there's pink and tourquoise also), so up against all the black cords going to the TV, there'll be this strand of white.  /ocd eye twitch

Setting it up was very easy.  

Just like other Chromecasts in the past.

In moments it's up and running and then has the screen on.  Now, you 'log in' to it with your account and then it ties most of those apps it has on it to that Google log in.  It remembered some of my logins, but tbh, most of the streaming services my wife actually has, and she changes the passwords a lot, so I had to get her help to log into all the different streaming we have:  Netflix, Disney+, Prime, CBC Gem, Global, etc...

Once your services are logged into, you can then have that home screen filled with recommendations - and then click one and it'l ltell you how you can watch it (via Prime, or rent on Google Play Movies, etc...).

Best of all is the remote.  It's small (that part does have me a bit afraid it might be 'too small') and very simple.  I love that it has the power, volume AND input selector for your TV (part of the set up guide).  I've pretty much put other remotes away now.

It's all so intuitive.  There is no mystery as to how it works, or what you need to do to make it work.

Even if you mess up how to use the Assistant feature on it - it'll remind you to press and hold it.

The only downside I've found so far with it is that unfortunately it's all locked to one 'profile'.  I wish there could be an option to switch accounts in the settings.  Just like how you can for Netflix or Prime... I can see why they didn't need to - but then all the Youtube video plays get 'logged' as my account.

Or, like I don't use Global, so maybe on my profile all I need are Netflix, Youtube and Gem, but on my wife's she'll want Disney+, Prime, Global.  Less clutter.

Oh well... apparently it's coming.  Right now you can create a 'kids' profile, so you can not have to worry about your kid getting access to shows they shouldn't or mucking up your Youtube algorithms.

All in all, if you don't have a new smart TV, and many of them have Google TV built in, then this is a great option for just $70.