Pixel 6a thoughts

It's been a few weeks now since I unboxed the Pixel 6a, and I have been trying to find the right way to give it a proper ... 'review'.

Essentially, the 6a is so much like the Pixel 6 that I love so much that it's been hard to differentiate, but let me do that for you now.

Size - the 6a is .3" smaller, almost unnoticeable.

Performance - they both use the Tensor chip, just the 6a has 2GB less RAM than the 6 (which has 8GB); again, pretty unnoticeable.

Camera - the 6 has a 50MP camera, whereas the 6a has 'just' a 12MP.  That seems like a HUGE difference, but I haven't noticed.  The Pixel 5 only had that 12MP and it took phenomenal pictures.  Google's just gotten so good with it's software that there's hardly a difference.

Battery - the 6 is 4600mAh, whereas the 6a is 4400mAh.  Fairly imperceptible changes.  BUT, the big difference and what is the hard stop for me is the option for Qi.  I could give up battery sharing (where you can use the 6 as a Qi charger for other devices); I just love wirelessly charging that I can't be without it.

Everything else is software and it's identical.

Last year's great camera, with this year's great Tensor, just a wee bit smaller and less RAM (but will you notice?).  All for just $600CDN.  Compare that to some of the top end flagships that are triple or more that price.  Trust me, you'll be happy with this.