Unboxing the Google Pixel 6a

Since the Pixel 3, there have been 'a' variants.  Something a little 'less' from the flagship model that allows those who maybe don't need the top end, can get some of the same guts - just a little cheaper.

Here's the Pixel 6a getting unboxed!

The Pixel 6a is just $600CDN at the Google Store and here's what you get:

  • 6.1" @ 2400x1080 (compared to 6.3" for the 6)
  • 60Hz display (compared to 90Hz for the 6)
  • Google Tensor [same as the 6]
  • 6GB RAM (compared to 8GB for the 6)
  • 128GB storage [same as the 6]
  • Camera 
    • 12.2MP (f/1.7, 1.4µm, 77°) (compared to 50MP for the 6)
    • 12MP (f/2.2, 1.25µm, 114°) [same as the 6]
    • 8MP selfie (f/20, 1.12µm, 84°) [same as the 6]
  • 4410mAh (compared to 4614mAh for the 6)
  • no Qi (whereas the 6 has Qi)
  • Fingerprint in display [same as 6]
  • IP67 rating (compared to IP68 on the 6)

So, for $200 less you just miss out on some RAM and a little less camera.  I'll see if that's noticeable.

For me, the loss of Qi is where I would be upset and pay the extra to get it.