Scosche's PowerVolt Traveler30 has got you in all situations

It's summer, and for me and the pipe band realm it's meant a return to parades and that means travel, aside from parades there's just more travel these days.  

Travelling means you're away from the comforts of home and that often means being near a port to plug into when I need a top up.  So I need to bring one with me.  Sure, a portable battery is good, but they can run out, or you'll need to find a way to charge those up at some point.  So you'll need a way to plug it in.

Todays' addition is the Traveler30 from Scosche is a $45USD that has you in any situation.

So, $45 is a bit on the higher side for a wall-wart, but it has a couple tricks up its sleeve.  First, it's delivering 30W PD from the USB-C port.

Second, it's got a swivel out DC charging plug.  That means you can use this whether you're in the car, or you're in the hotel room.

Now, unfortunately, it doesn't come with a cable, so you have to bring your own (I do like to 'assign' a cable to every charger so I never have to rummage around before a trip.

Luckily, if you picked up the GoBat it comes with a cable and they make a good pair.

Again, the killer feature of this accessory comes in its size.  It's larger than some wall-warts (especially the little PowerVolt PD30), but still definitely palm of the hand size and the convenience of using it multiple places trumps being slightly bigger (plus, unlike the PD30, the prongs retract for easier carrying in a bag that's not going to be poking out).