Protect your Pixel Buds Pro in style with Nomad's case

I was surprised that the charging case for the Pixel Buds Pro looks exactly like the Pixel Buds (2nd Gen), the Pixel Buds A... so how to tell them apart?  Plus, I want to protect it from bashing around in the backpack or getting scratched etc...

My Pixel Buds have always been in the Nomad leather case - it's been a great case; and now they've launched a case specific to the Pixel Buds Pro (just a slight change).

For $40USD these are a classy Horween leather that will not only protect your buds from a fall and dent, while still allowing it to charge via Qi, it helps set them apart from say your wife's buds, or just give it a classy look that's not the sterile white tech look the charging case comes in.

It's not a necessary thing for sure, but definitely something I will always use.