Scosche's MagicMount Pro Charge 5

Having a charger in 'all the places' is definitely something I love to have.  I'm one of those that if I see my phone dip below 80% I like to 'top up'.  

One area is while travelling en route from place to place.  I have my Orico still in the car, and a cable is fine, but you then have to sit the phone in the cup holder or on the passenger seat.

Enter a mount style device that has wireless charging.  There are a few options and today I'm looking at the Scosche MagicMount Pro Charge 5.

This $59.99USD device has a really REALLY good suction base.  I've been using the MagicMount Pro 2 as my work phone holder on my 'work from home' office.  It's great.  My iPhone 11 doesn't have the MagSafe backing so it and my Pixel made use of the little magic plate it has to connect and then the mount locks it in place.

And it's sturdy too. You have a locking ring behind the mount that if you set tightly the phone won't bob around at all.

Now, in your car, the question is where do you mount it.  In Ontario, I believe it is not allowed to 'obstruct your view' (I can't seem to find the actual wording, but I do see in the commercial vehicles law they say you shouldn't affix anything the windshield), but check your local laws about what's allowed.

With the strong suction cup you could affix it ot the dash or depending on your layout there could be other options to mount it somewhere to not obstruct your view (and obviously not tempt you to use it while driving).

But you kinda HAVE to use it in the car, as unfortunately what powers up the mount's Qi charging pad is a proprietary plug and it only comes with a cigarette lighter plug in for it (on the plus side that adapter has a USB-C port too).

Was hoping to set that up as my new stand at the office for my phone (I've swapped from landline to cell only for my office), but that would mean trying to find an AC wall plug to do it.

Also, for me, the metal plate to get it to stick prevents my Pixel from using other Qi chargers.  So unfortunately, for me, it's not going to be useful for both of my phones, just my work one.

Outside of that, it has a handy dandy placement guide for you to put your phone in the right spot and have metal piece fit perfectly and still charge (it's got a neat little notch on the mount for the plate just below the Qi coil).  And it does what it says on the tin.  It holds the phone securely.  It charges.

What more could you ask for ... well, I could ask that they didn't use a proprietary plug