Let magnets hold your phone with the MagicMount Pro2

Whether you want to have your phone up on your dash to show you your map on your trip, or you want something to hold it up in place on your desk while you work having some sort of mount is cool to have.

Today's gadget is the Scosche MagicMount Pro2 - which is a car mount but what separates this out from any of the others out there (and you kinda need to when it's $45) is that it uses the power of magnets to help hold the device still.

This is mostly due to the fact that since the iPhone 12 models that included the MagSafe backing, that this holder has 4 strong neodynium magnets in it to hold your device strongly and safely.

But what if you're ... not an iPhone user, like some guy who writes an Android blog?  Well, they have a sticky metal plate to put on the back of your phone which will act the same way.

Neat for me, is that I already had a metal plate for the IMStick. That works just as well for me.

The magnets hold the device SUPER strongly, like it'll really need to be pulled off, but it's easily slid off as you need to remove it.

The mount has a little nut there to help you loosen it up and swivel a little a bit.

The base itself is not 'centre of mass' style, when you put the phone on the mount, it'll tip over because it's so much forward from the base.  So in order to use it you have to use the suction base to make sure it counteracts its want to fall over.

The base suction has some sticky rubber (and they give you the advice that if it loses its stickiness you can rinse to clean it and revive its stickiness).  

Put it on a clean surface with the lever up, then you push the lever down and it makes a bit of a suction in addition to the stickiness to hold it in place.

This will be the key key feature of this accesory, as if it can't keep it sucked down in place the device will tip over.  And I've had some terrible stories of something set up on my dash and then at the most inopportune moment have my phone come falling forward.

So far, I've just been setting it up on my desk as a place to just hold my phone, I love having it sit upright in case I need to see or respond to a message while I work.  Being able to swivel it to the right angle is pretty handy.

If you want to put it in landscape mode you can just twist it, the magnet is strong enough to hold it in place from falling off, but still twirls easily enough ... neat.

I did have once where it fell forward after an hour or so of use, but I gave the base a rinse and then made doubly sure the table was clean where it was put down and haven't had much issue since.

I think I'm a little reticent to put it in my van (I actually don't have much need for it as I have the display/map built in to the dash already) as we tend to have a pretty cold winter here and I think that may interfere with its stickiness.

Pretty neat little accessory to have.

Source:  https://www.scosche.com/magicmount-pro2-dash-window-phone-mount