Far Cry New Dawn on Stadia is a gorgeous post apocalytpic Far Cry 5

So I've been playing Far Cry 5, and I've liked that game so far.  I like how I can adjust and customize my weapons.  6 tended to be too much 'hockey stick and duct tape' kind of building for weapons, 5 was realistic.

I started to play Far Cry New Dawn on Stadia and it takes place seemingly in between 5 and 6 (not sure if 6 is in the chronological order), as it definitely takes place after the 5 where there's a nuclear explosion and as it turns out, the people from that county/region survived by going underground and are now just coming out to see a post apocalypse world.

Took me to realize it was the same places with the names of families you'd recognize, and even some of the bunkers I had just escaped from in 5 I just perused in New Dawn.


I haven't finished 5 yet to know what happens, but there's hints enough... New Eden is around, but they don't call 'em Peggies (except for flashbacks).

Take a look

just the beginning after the opening cinematic...

Your character was called in by the citizens of Prosperity to help them rebuild after these two zany nutbars threatened to ruin their village, except the train you were coming in on gets attacked and things don't go well.  Luckily, you escaped.

So now you need to help the folks of the town reclaim the area from these crazy folks.

As well, you get to visit the people of 'New Eden' who seem to fight like berzerkers (will we need them to fight off the Highwaymen?  Time will tell).

I like that you can as well run around and do side quests and adventures to help boost your arsenal.  I don't like how you can't really 'customize' your weaponry like in the others (if you like a pistol with a silencer, you'll have to wait until you can craft a full option that has it).

What is kinda cool is that one of the side quests you get is to find photos of the old area and line it up with what it looks like now.

You still get your slew of folks to come along.  I've got a few now, a pastor, an old lady sniper, a good ol' pupper, and Carmina Rye.

What I didn't like is that you can't cycle through your weapons with the scroll wheel this time (that changes your throwables).  Something about that makes it tough for me to get used to as I like to switch from a sniper rifle to a machine gun and I forget and have to use the keyboard buttons.  Grumble.

But the views are amazing, the sounds are really good and realistic.

You should give this game a shot! heh, pun