Far Cry 5 - help regain some land from zealots

I've liked Far Cry 6 I was playing, so I thought I'd give 5 a shot.

The intro is very ... cinematic to help set up the scenario

But what's interesting is, to be honest, you almost forget the story... I mean you keep the basics.  You know to fight off the Peggies, but I really don't know which order or where to next.  It's that infinite playfield kinda thing.

It's interesting for sure, and I eventually get a dog, but I also got killed by a wild turkey.  And not even a "oh I got shot and running away a turkey hit me and finished me off...".  Literally, I was ambushed by a wild turkey and it actually killed me.

To balance the scales with mother nature, I also shot a skunk with a .50 cal.

The game is fun, but I do find the playability difficult.  Like one shot and I'm near death in some cases.  Or to take over something I need probably lots of allies to do it (whereas I'm used to games with lonewolf style).

The order to play things is difficult to understand, at least for me, as the missions aren't as clear cut where you should be going next.

But, I can fly a float plane into a mountain, I can chase a plane on a quad.  I just wish I knew that it all was for something more direct.