iRobot launches a coding robot - Create 3

I do love my little automatic cleaning helper in the house.  Spot dutifully cleans up for us and it's so fun to watch him go about in his routine, how he learns his own path and avoiding obstacles.

So great.

Now, you can enable some of that curiosity with iRobot's new coding robot - the Create 3.

It's just like a Roomba, but you can program it for movements, learning to manoeuvre around obstacles.

Very cool as an educational tool.


iRobot is officially expanding its educational offerings with the availability of Create 3, a robot designed to promote higher-level robotics exploration. Based on the Roomba i3/i3+ Series robot vacuum platform, this all-in-one coding robot provides a reliable, out of the box alternative to costly and labor-intensive robotics kits that require assembly and testing.

Coinciding with National Robotics Week, founded and organized by iRobot, Create 3 includes new functionalities like compatibility with ROS 2 and a newly released Python Web Playground for its iRobot Root and Create 3 educational robots. 

The ROS2 development platform provides a bridge for beginners to learn more intricate programming skills outside of the iRobot Coding App with new projects, while also offering advanced features to challenge innovation and further career development for high-level learners.