TWS ThudBuds from Scosche [review]

If you listen to music, whether it's on the treadmill, the subway, or just in the elevator up to your office, you need something that has good sound and isn't just complicated/massive.  

The 'truly wireless earbuds' are all the rage lately and you have no end of choices it seems.  Today, I'm going to add to that list of options and it's just timely for me as I've just started to re-engage with my gym (getting colder meant a stop to my biking, so I'm going to need to do something to stave off the weight gain).

I was looking through my gym bag and couldn't find my older earbuds (it had been 2 years almost...eep), so this review hit at just the right time for me to really put something to a real use where I needed it to work.

This review is for the ThudBuds TWS by Scosche.  

What's immediately 'neat' about this set of headphones that attracted me to them is that like the older set I was using for the gym, there were some ear 'hooks'.  If I'm running, I'm climbing, whatever, the extra jogging around I feel more secure that it's wrapped around something than just hoping that my ear will hold it.

More interesting is that the loops are detachable.  Had me somewhat concerned, but they are held in magnetically, and when I took it out, it really needed me to take it by the end of the loop and super vigorously wing it around before it fell off.  Definitely not going to be working out that aggressively.  So I felt better.

The box has the 'case' which is the charging body for the headphones, and then there's a USB-A to USB-C cable for charging and then some spare rubber ear 'nubbies' for you to find that right fit.

The case has 4 LEDs to give you an idea of how much battery the case has.

You can fairly easily take the earbuds out of the case (not super awkward for angling and pulling out).

Once out if they're not set up yet, they'll not turn on but then you can play with the ear loop.

Playing with the earbud you'll notice there's no button or anything.  It works only by a variety of touching the bud itself, which isn't that different than any of the other wireless buds I've used.

Putting it in your ear I do find that it sits 'more forward' than what I would expect of how to put them in.  The angle is just a little different.

That being said, it's not uncomfortable at all, fits in well and has a good feel as well as confidence that it is not going to just fall out mid run.

I did have to drag out the manual just to double check what I have to do.  I wish there was a bit of a 'cheat sheet' on the case so you didn't have to go find the manual.

Essentially, there's a series of types of taps and long presses (and I do have to emphasize the phrase long press, as I mistook the "tap & hold" to be tap, finger off then press and hold...)

Taking it out of the box the first time I had to hold it for 7 seconds to put it into its pairing mode.  Now I did it first for the right and paired it with my watch.  Took the left out and held for 5 seconds to turn on and it paired up with the right.

Now using it was a bit harder in playing... it can be a bit finnicky on where you press.  The button itself is just the pad you tap, which is a bit in a bit of a concave bit on the bud.  You have to ensure it's making contact.

I found some difficulty while running to double tap one of them to make it skip the song.  Sometimes it'd only just register the one tap and pause.  It could be finniky... could also just need more time for me to really play and learn that 'sweet spot' as it did get somewhat easier the subsequent times at the gym.

So be patient with it.

The other part that gets confusing is that if you long press for 3 seconds you engage the asssitant (which never triggered for me, maybe it's an iOS only thing); but if you long press for 4 seconds it changes the EQ.  Now, when I do it, it just says Voice Style... do it again and it says Voice Style... and I can't hear any difference.

It's fine tho', I do have to admit the sound quality is pretty good and no real complaints from me.

Pop them back into the case and they'll start charging and disconnect, which I thought was handy.  No having to manually turn them off.

They're comfortable, they're currently on sale for $40USD and it's a decent size holder so that you know it's not going to be easy to lose and the battery hasn't let me down yet.