[Review] dodocool DA109 bluetooth earphones

I had a discussion the other day with a friend about running.  We were going to do the Canada Day race and I was putting my headphones in and he said: "Oh no, no music, run and enjoy the scenery."

As nice as the trail is (it actually wasn't, it was pretty wet that day) I MUST have my music while I run.  Otherwise, my mind wanders and I slow down and ... well, having a good song really motivates and sets my pace.

So having a good set of earphones is important.  It's got to provide good quality music, it's gotta be wireless (I don't bring my phone, I pair my earphones to my Wear watch) and it's got to be comfortable enough to keep them in my ears for the entire jog.

Today's review comes from dodocool and their DA1019 earbuds.  For $27CDN, how do they fare?

So, remember I have 3 main features for me to like it.  Let's run down

1. It's got to be comfortable to hold in my ears.
it's really hard to take a picture of myself wearing headphones
I have been using headphones forever, so earbuds are usually uncomfortable.  I do like the hooks of this for it to hold onto the folds of my ear and stay in.  It feels a little 'long' for the earbud piece.  Like it's sticking out of my ears a fair bit, like Uhura's whatchamacallit in Star Trek. It felt like it would bob around a lot when I jog.  But they didn't.  They stayed in just fine.

The control bit is a little too close to the ear, so it's right at my cheek and while jogging, trying to use the controls it tugged at my ear a fair bit.

Also, I heard a lot of 'clicking' noises of the plastic ... maybe suctioning against my ear canal - especially when I opened my mouth.  Not sure how I could fix that.  Haven't really had that with other sets.

2. Wireless and pairs with my watch

Yup, no problem.  Even better in a 40-minute run I only had a bit or 2 where there was the 'radio stutter, like where the headphones are skipping.  I get that in a lot of headphones when I jog, and I've found I have to move the watch to the other wrist so it's closer to the transmitter.

With this set I could keep it on my left wrist for even a longer period and no problem.  That's a bonus.

3. It's got to have good sound

So this is where it falls down a bit.  It's good sound, but I find it really bass/mid heavy to the point it's a little overpowering for me.  Songs that I'm used to hearing the highs it feels like the highs are being overpowered.

It's not bad, just I've heard better.  I just wish you could adjust the EQ settings (i.e. is it a bass boost mode that's turned on?

 - carrying case: this is nice so that the headphones aren't loose and free in my gym bag
 - magnetic buds to click together when not in use!

Overall, it's not a bad buy, it's a solid build, and battery lasts.  But for quality of the sound, I'd prefer something else.  Just my personal taste for the mix of the EQ.

Source:  https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01N4UFNGX