IMStick - a phone holder that doesn't suck

Okay, I've told you in the past that I really don't like anything on my phones.  I prefer naked.

Maybe a case, if that case is okay... 

I recently reviewed a phone holder that 'didn't suck' and ... yeah, my high standards kinda didn't agree.  But, I'm pretty picky.

Since then I was able to get an IMStick.  

I liked the versatility of this item... definitely a recommend from me.

So, you open the package and there are 2 plates... I sillily enough said it was for 2 phones... but no.  Because the puck is magnetized on 2 sides, it's so you can stick one on your phone and another on say... your car dash, or the wall.

Okay, so that error out of the way...

Yeah, it's a puck that has a pretty strong magnet in it.  Then it has 2 plates for you to put on your phone and they stick pretty good actually.  I did have to move mine so that it wouldn't interfere with Qi tho'.  So I would test it if I were you on your phone before you take the sticker part off... put it down on the charger and put your phone on top and see if it blocks.

The puck also has 2 different coloured 'arms' that are flexible for you to put in any 'configuration' you like.  Make a loop for your fingers to hold it... Set them like 'legs' so it's a stand.  It can be what you want it to be, or you can remove them entirely (they can be a little 'gainly') and just use the magnet.

I've also liked how you can use the thread mount on it to connect to a tripod (tested it out with a video, seemed to work well).

Definitely a recommend from me, as I find myself using it.  The plate on the phone is hardly noticeable, so you use it when you want, and when you don't it's simple to remove...

The magnet really holds it well I've found, but I'm not quite yet ready to try to wrap it around my bike and trust it to that... still. Around the house it's awesome.

Check it out on their site for $25USD