Unboxing the EPOS gaming earbuds - GTW 270 Hybrid

Wireless buds are all the rage... small, convenient, sleek looking... I can see why people like 'em.  And the tech is getting better and better so that it's nearing something true audiophiles might like.

Audiophiles have preferences, and one of those brands they prefer has been Sennheiser.  And Sennheiser has a sub brand for gaming devices called EPOS.

EPOS just released a new set of wireless earbuds called the GTW-270 Hybrid running from $200-$250CAD depending on where you get them.

I thought I'd take a wing on them, Sennheiser has never let me down before - plus being a gaming accessory, my son would be interested as they mention compatibility with Switch specifically, and maybe I can get back my LG ToneFree from him if he takes these instead.

They just arrived and we had to unbox quickly before he snagged them out of my hands.

The fun part is that the little dongle has that extension/adapter ... so instead of plugging just the dongle to the bottom of the Switch, you can use the extension cable to plug it into a USB-A connection (so onto the Switch's dock) - which is great as my son's screen is cracked so he leaves it docked all the time.

It also means I could use it for my laptop with that cable, or plug the dongle directly into a phone or Pixelbook without going through pairing on that specific device as the dongle is auto-paired with the earbuds.

I'll have a bigger review in the coming weeks when I can play with it when my son isn't.