Control your cables with a Cable Wrangler

I've been trying to simplify during this whole 'stay at home' thing.  Yet, I always want to make sure I have the right cable in the right spot of the house.  So there's usually some portable charger, or some adapter sitting on a ledge, side table or over my computer desk.

It can get a little disorganized looking.

Enter the 'Cable Wrangler' from Smartish.

The concept is that it has a sleek looking design of a large magnet to hold a cable in place.

For $20USD it doesn't look like much except that it's got that nice look of the cloth covering.

Now connecting your cables on their own may not work.  Even the ones I had some some metal collars on the connector it wasn't enough to have it stick, so to ensure it does they included little magnetic collars to snap around the cable and that's got a little magnet in it that will easiliy plunk itself to the chunk.

It's perfect just for our living room where I use my Block Party that I use to charge a few devices as needed and it helps keep those cables at least in one place.

The underside has some rubber that helps keep it from sliding around and the cables are held in place - they still hang down from the Block behind a chair and then back up to the wrangler, but it definitely looks a little organized.

For only $20 it's a good accessory for some order