You can get GeForce NOW on a Chromebook

Okay, speaking of game streaming... apparently, I've been under a rock or the spell of Stadia because for the past 5 months you could use GeForce NOW - Nvidia's game streaming platform - ON A CHROMEBOOK.  

And not just their games, you can plunk in the connection to your Steam account and add your library from that group ... 

My son actually found this out the other day and I was like "what?" and he showed me him playing Fortnite (one of the free games you can add into the library) and for his old Chromebook, it looked absolutely fluid.

I was impressed and had to give it a go.

Now, the trick is, without the paid version of this service you have to 'wait for a rig to be free', meaning (I'm guessing) that there's a system out there with your name on it ready to load up your game, you just have to wait for other kids to finish up.

At about 3 or so in the afternoon it was 40-50 people ahead of me to play Fortnite... okay, fine.  Let me try Terraria from Steam.  100+ waiting.


Around dinner time it was almost 150 people waiting to try Fortnite.  As I'm writing this it's saying there's a problem trying to connect.

Maybe it's worth paying for, I dunno; but one thing I can say, is that having options is really nice.