LG is having an even tto announce the Velvet 'Time Capsule Collection'

When I had my review of the LG Velvet, and was on their release call it was clear that this phone had a very specific target demo.  The blogger.  The influencer.  And when it comes to that lifestyle, they are about one thing (sure, maybe some narcissism) but preservation. They are about living in the moment and preserving it so that all can see for future times.

That's kinda what a time capsule is.  A snapshot in time of a moment and preserved for a future date that we can reflect on it.  Which is pretty spot on name affiliation for the event that LG is holding tomorrow (Sept 23).

They are launching an LG Velvet 5G Time Capsule Collection on their Instagram channel.  A series of items and accessories (I'm guessing) to, I guess compliment the device.

Catch the live event from 4PM on and if you likethey'll donate $1 each for up to $5,000 to a charitable organization.

Check it out: